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    Starships Bi-Weekly is a bi-weekly subscription service ran by a company of the same name who sends out a new starship model with information card every two weeks.

    Starships Bi-Weekly, inc[edit | edit source]

    When the startup company Alsevion Models attempted to gain the Star Trek license in 1989 to release miniature die-cast models bi-weekly as a subscription service, Paramount Pictures turned down the request, so Alsevion decided to create their own universe with their own Starship designs in retaliation. With the first year (1990) successful, Alsevion Models renamed the company to Starships Bi-Weekly.

    Starships Bi-Weekly v. Paramount Pictures[edit | edit source]

    In 1991, Parmount Pictures filed a lawsuit and a DMCA against Starships Bi-Weekly, claiming the designs were too similar to Starships seen within Star Trek. After a battle back and forth in court, the court ruled in favor of SSB-W, claiming that while similar, the designs were not stolen directly from Paramount and were designed entirely by Starships Bi-Weekly with Star Trek inspiration, which meant that Paramount had no grounds to sue.

    Dark Age[edit | edit source]

    In 2003, Starships Bi-Weekly noticed new subscribers were coming in slowly, and they lost money fast, so they decided to switch to cheaper metal and began launching an aggressive ad campaign. Beginning in 2005, Starships Bi-Weekly rebounded strongly from this Dark Age.

    Catalog[edit | edit source]

    1990[edit | edit source]

    January 1990: SSB-W001 Democracy Class

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