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    Takara's Evolution Story

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    Takara's Evolution Story belongs to HooplaTheFish. Do not ever edit this or else you will be blasted by Rusty Red and Terrible Terence's cannonballs.
    Takara's Evolution Story is a one-off script. This script takes place six months before No Man's Pirates.

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    One night, something unexpected happens––Takara evolves into a Luxio in her sleep! After realising what had just happened to her body, Takara ends up regretting evolving and runs off deep into the woods, just near Grandmum's house. Will Takara learn to adjust to her evolved form?

    Script[edit | edit source]

    (The script begins at the Fields house. Takara and her siblings are in bed and Mum is upstairs.)

    Mum: All right, is everyone ready for bed?

    Everyone: Yessiree!

    Mum: All right them, good night, everybody!

    Vicious: Good night, Mum!

    Jackie: Night, Mum!

    Angie: Like, whatever!

    Cyndy: Night-night, Mummy!

    Takara: G'night, Mum!

    (Takara goes to sleep. Later that night, Takara's body begins to glow.)

    Takara: (in her sleep) What's going on? Huh?

    (Takara's body ends up growing new parts as she evolves from Shinx into Luxio.)

    Takara: (in her sleep) Oh, jeez. Now me clothes feel too snug.

    (Cut to the next morning. Takara looks into the mirror in her bathroom and realizes her evolved look.)

    Takara: Mum! Come quick, now!

    Mum: What is it, Tak? (gasps) Oh my goodness! You've evolved! Aren't you happy?

    Takara: No, I'm not! I've got so much facial fur and my clothes are too small.

    Jackie: Wait, what's going on?

    Mum: Your sister has evolved. I'll run down to the store to get some bigger clothes for Takara and then this calls for a special evolution breakfast party!

    Jackie: Atta girl! Look at you! Guys, come look at Takara!

    Takara: And let the humiliation begin!

    Vicious: Oh-ho-ho! New form, same big baby fraidy-cat!

    Takara: Vicious!

    Angie: Like, who really care if you've evolved or not?

    Cyndy: I'm really jealous, Takara. Why aren't you happy about evolving?

    Takara: Because I regret it!

    Cyndy: But isn't evolution a good thing?

    Takara: But some Pokémon have chosen to not evolve. Just look at Ash's Pikachu. He doesn't want to evolve, ever, and he's taken down a couple of legendaries!

    Jackie: Doesn't his level reset, though?

    Takara: Well...

    (Mum gets back up the stairs with several clothes.)

    Mum: Takara, you go put these on, while the rest of you come downstairs for breakfast.

    (Takara's brothers and sisters run downstairs.)

    Takara: Okay.

    (Cut to Takara sitting at the table, where she is served an everything bagel with cream cheese.)

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