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    Here lies Tales from Poké Pelago's hopes and dreams
    Unfortunately, this project has been abandoned by its creator(s) and is therefore no longer being worked on. Despite the dormancy of this article, we still invite you to read it and enjoy.

    Tales from Poké Pelago is a series by Madi Shinx. 

    Tales from Poké Pelago
    Also known as
    Genre Comedy
    Created by Madi Shinx

    Moon Snail

    Based on
    Inspired by
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    Directed by
    Creative director
    Presented by
    Starring Madi Shinx's Pokemon
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    Country of origin
    Original language English
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    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    In Poké Pelago, Madi Shinx's Pokémon live a peaceful, healthy life and go on adventures. Each episode ends with a Pokédex entry of the day.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    Sammy[edit | edit source]

    A male Sceptile. He is usually highly curious. Is happy go lucky and usually sassy. He likes climbing all over the walls. File:254 Sceptile.gif

    Sally[edit | edit source]

    A female Walrein. Like Sammy, she is usually highly curious. She loves the water and she can be bashful at times. File:365 Walrein.gif

    Reg[edit | edit source]

    A male Flygon. He is the most gentle out of all the Pokémon, but however quick tempered. He has a lucky dragon claw on his left hand. File:330 Flygon.gif

    Waldo[edit | edit source]

    A male Armaldo. He hates getting wet and stays away from water as far as possible, and some people and Pokemon judge him, because his normal species dives for prey underwater and can use the move Water Pulse. File:348 Armaldo.gif

    Ottopuffle[edit | edit source]

    A male Incineroar. He gets angry easily, but is very jolly and has a soft side for others. File:727 Incineroar.gif

    Glykeria[edit | edit source]

    A female Slowbro. She is very easygoing, and often communicates with the Shellder on her tail. She has a thick speech impediment. File:080 Slowbro.gif

    Toady[edit | edit source]

    A male Politoed who originally came from Unova. He likes to thrash about. File:186 Politoed.gif

    Pinch[edit | edit source]

    A male shiny Flygon. He and Reg get along very well. File:330 Flygon-Shiny.gif

    Spunky[edit | edit source]

    A female Toucannon. She likes to take siestas and is very fond of her beak. File:733 Toucannon.gif

    Waddle[edit | edit source]

    A shiny Roselia. He is very close to Lizard and rides him often. File:315 Roselia-Shiny.gif

    Lizard[edit | edit source]

    A shiny Torkoal. He is very close to Waddle. File:324 Torkoal-Shiny.gif

    Hugo[edit | edit source]

    A male Swampert that causes mischief, but is still friendly to the other Pokémon. File:260 Swampert.gif

    Azul[edit | edit source]

    A female Manectric. File:310 Manectric.gif

    Serj[edit | edit source]

    A male shiny Manectric. He often looks up to Azul.File:310 Manectric-Shiny.gif

    Clay[edit | edit source]

    A Claydol who hardly speaks. File:344 Claydol.gif

    Sleeper[edit | edit source]

    A female Komala who always sleeps and never wakes up. She loves running and causing mischief in her sleep. File:775 Komala.gif

    Mummy[edit | edit source]

    A Kangashkan. She is the caregiver of Sleeper, and usually puts her in her pouch next to her Kangaskhan child. File:115 Kangaskhan.gif

    Oliver[edit | edit source]

    A Munchlax. He has a huge appetite, though he knows about what is or is not edible. He is very playful and has a fun-spirited attitude. He is higly confident. File:446 Munchlax.gif

    Quacklin'[edit | edit source]

    A Farfetch'd. He loves his leek and does not want anyone (except for him) to touch it. He often uses the word "quack" and adds "quack" to words when he speaks (i.e. quacknificent for magnificent.) File:083 Farfetch'd.gif

    Beanie[edit | edit source]

    A shiny Porygon Z. It acts wonky at times, but is still helpful. File:474 Porygon-Z-Shiny.png

    Harold[edit | edit source]

    A male Infernape. He is usually quiet, but can act wild when fighting or climbing trees. He is rarely seen without his best friend, Aldrea. File:392 Infernape.gif

    Aldrea[edit | edit source]

    A female Torterra. She is rarely seen without her best friend, Harold. She loves to eat. File:389 Torterra.gif

    Thorn[edit | edit source]

    A male Snivy. He is calm and collected, and, like Oliver, also has high confidence. File:495 Snivy.gif

    Flameflare[edit | edit source]

    A female shiny Charizard. She is laid-back and alert to sounds. File:006 Charizard-Shiny.gif

    Charlie[edit | edit source]

    A male Charizard. He is an energetic, if not hyperactive, Pokémon. He is very friendly and loves to fly. 006 Charizard.gif

    Spirit[edit | edit source]

    A male Primarina. He is tomboyish and prefers to do boy things. He absolutely despises it when someone refers to the Fairy type as a girl thing. File:730 Primarina.gif

    Steele[edit | edit source]

    A male Feraligatr. He has steel claws. He often describes himself in third person as "The Mighty Feraligatr". But he is not always the bravest Pokemon, as he usually gets scared. He likes to thrash about. File:160 Feraligatr.gif

    Rita[edit | edit source]

    A female Meganium. She is a mother figure to all the Pokémon. She is poised and graceful above all else. File:154 Meganium.gif

    Charles[edit | edit source]

    A male Charizard. He is very hard and likes to play with other Pokemon. However, he can be reckless sometimes, and can be a little boisterous. 006 Charizard.gif

    Lightning[edit | edit source]

    A male Luxray. He lays around Poke Pelago talking in his sleep. File:405 Luxray.gif

    Heymond[edit | edit source]

    A Corphish. He has a tendency to say "Hey, hey!" 341 Corphish.gif

    Groovy[edit | edit source]

    A female Sceptile who Sammy has a crush on. She makes her first appearance in “Sceptile Love”. File:254 Sceptile.gif

    Gust[edit | edit source]

    A male Beautifly. He has the ability to blow gust, hence his name. He is a little quick tempered. File:267 Beautifly.gif

    Episodes[edit | edit source]

    Rules[edit | edit source]

    • Keep in mind that this show is meant to be appropriate. Consequently, swearing, mature themes and other things which are deemed "not appropriate" will not be permitted.
    • Each season has exactly twenty-six episodes.
    • No changing premises of other created episodes unless everyone agrees on it.
    • Avoid repeating episode ideas.
    • Don't start plot arcs without the permission of users involved.
    • To prevent spamming episodes that are half created or will never be created, don't start another season until one season is entirely finished. If you want to discuss episode ideas, place them here. If the idea is not approved by anyone working on the show, then don't make the episode. Simple as that.

    Season 1[edit | edit source]

    1. "Poké Bean Trouble"- The Pokémon throw a Poké Bean party, but then learn that too much of a good thing is bad when their tummy aches get the better of them. Pokédex entry of the day: Munchlax
    2. "Waldo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" - Waldo has had a bad day, which includes hitting his nose on the bean tree, him finding the least items when exploring in the caverns, and him accidentally falling into the hot springs. When all of this ends up making Waldo mad and sad at the same time, he needs help. Pokédex entry of the day: Armaldo
    3. "An Aerial Ace Accident" - While doing Aerial Ace tricks, Sammy lands too hard and scrapes his knee. This causes him to not want to do tricks again, so he needs help from Quacklin'. Pokédex entry of the day: Sceptile
    4. "Bottlecap Bogus" - Someone ends up finding a bottle cap in the island's caverns. The Pokémon get into an argument on who gets to use it. Pokédex entry of the day: TBA
    5. "Sally's Surprise" - The Pokemon are planning a surprise for Sally's hatchday. Pokédex entry of the day: Walrein
    6. "De-evolution Dilemma" - When some of the Pokemon discover a special part of the hot springs, they fall in and devolve and age younger into babies. The other Pokemon have to find a way to reverse this. Pokédex entry of the day: Totodile
    7. "The Thorny Boss" - Thorn has been a little bit bossy lately yet claims that he wants the others to listen to him. The other Pokémon have to help Thorn not be so bossy. Pokédex entry of the day: Snivy

    Saved for a Later Season[edit | edit source]

    1. "Oh My Gosh, Another Poke Pelago Crossover!" - The main cast of The NEW Adventures of Parappa the Rapper are in for a treat! They discover Poke Pelago and befriend the Pokemon living there! But when the villains capture Spunky, Ottopuffle, Serj, Sleeper, Beanie, Aldrea, Sally, Waddle, Lizard, Clay and Glykeria, its up to the Pokemon with their new friends to save them. Pokedex entry of the day: Flygon
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