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    Note: In the Western naming order, her name is written as Chiyu Tamade. This article uses the East Asian naming order (surname first, given name second.)
    Chiyu in a press photo, dated 2018
    Tamade Chiyu, known professionally as CHU² (pronounced "choo-choo" like a train noise) (born December 7; age 14) is a world-famous DJ who was born like 2 seconds ago but is already making millions (like Carl Wheezer did before he died). She is the leader, DJ and producer of the famous girl band RAISE A SUILEN. It is rumored that she has produced some of Carl Wheezer's songs, but this has yet to be proven.

    In the Random Region as well as her native Japan, she is very well-known for her work in the music industry. Her popularity in the Random Region has landed her some major acting roles and endorsement deals.

    Early life[edit | edit source]

    Tamade Chiyu ascended from the heavens on December 7, [year here] to make the world reconsider what it takes to be a successful musician... that much we know. Throughout her childhood, Chiyu was advised by her mother to begin practicing many instruments. Chiyu has cited her early musical activities as her main motivation behind her career.

    Career[edit | edit source]

    ???-2018: Beginnings[edit | edit source]

    It is unknown when exactly Chiyu began producing music, but prior to making her debut with RAISE A SUILEN, she initially wanted to be the producer of another famous band by the name of Roselia, only to be rejected by its frontwoman, Minato Yukina. Chiyu was said to be livid at this, so she decided to one-up Yukina by creating her own band.

    2018-2019: RAISE A SUILEN, "Back"[edit | edit source]

    Chiyu and bandmate Nyubara Reona (PAREO) demonstrating their plans to crush Roselia and Poppin'Party in a June 2021 interview

    Some time in 2018, Chiyu formed the world-renowned band RAISE A SUILEN. Over the course of many weeks or months (sources vary), members Satou Masuki/MASKING (drums), Wakana Rei/LAYER (bass and vocals), Asahi Rokka/LOCK (guitar) and Nyubara Reona/PAREO (keyboardist and disciple) were carefully recruited by an overzealous Chiyu in order to fufill her vision of the "perfect girl band" that would take down Roselia. Later on, Chiyu began considering another band called Poppin'Party as a target.

    RAISE A SUILEN's debut single "R・I・O・T" (which stands for "Rebellion, Insurrection, Overturn, Turmoil") was released on December 12 of that year to critical acclaim. It peaked at number 6 on the Japanese Oricon chart and number 2 on the Random-ness Music Hot 100.

    In 2019, Chiyu was revealed to have produced "Back", a song for Lil Important's then-latest album Dave Da Damn Man. She produced the track alongside BeatsFromHeaven. "Back" serves as one of the album's singles and clocks in at 3 minutes and 45 seconds. It peaked at number 3 on the Random-ness Music Hot 100, making it one of the most popular releases of the year.

    2020-present: Acting career, future activities[edit | edit source]

    Chiyu on the set of Pooh Goes Poop: Pooh Shoots His Mom For Touching His Bionicles

    In 2020, Chiyu made her acting debut in the Randomese feature film Pooh Goes Poop: Pooh Shoots His Mom For Touching His Bionicles. In the film, she was one of Pooh's neighbors and a witness at his trial. She has also acted in many other major Randomese films.

    In September 2021, it was confirmed that she joined the fixed cast of an upcoming morning talk show that is set to air on The Steamed Clams Channel. Not much is known about the program yet, but it has been confirmed that Chiyu will be hosting it alongside bandmate PAREO and caracal rapper Big Floppa, and that the show will primarily be about music.

    After much media coverage and questions sent her way, Chiyu confirmed the show's title -- The Clam Jam -- and revealed its airdate.

    Controversy[edit | edit source]

    K-pop Diss[edit | edit source]

    Some time in late 2020, Chiyu was temporarily suspended from Twitter after she allegedly dissed BTS after their song "Dynamite" dethroned RAISE A SUILEN's then-newest song "Sacred world" on various international music charts. The rant caused her to get ratioed by BTS stans. The ratio itself was so insane that it made Twitter's servers temporarily crash and go offline for upwards of 200 hours.

    However, once she got her account back, Chiyu said that she did not write those tweets and that someone hacked her account. Chiyu also said that while she was disappointed "Sacred world" was stripped of its number 1 spot on the charts, she respects BTS deeply and even considers herself an ARMY. To further rectify the situation, Chiyu made her account's profile picture an image of Jungkook, only to revert it after a week. The hacking was proven true by Twitter logs, but the hacker's identity has yet to be revealed.

    Buster Puppet Twitter beef[edit | edit source]

    On September 10, 2021, Chiyu and the infamous Buster Puppet of "Everybody Poops" fame got into some serious Twitter beef. It all began when Buster dropped a snippet of one of his unreleased tracks, the title of which is currently unknown. The snippet included the lyrics "Little girl with cat ears trying to snatch my crown / Get lost, you fuckin' wish, Buster's gonna take you down", which Chiyu thought was a direct attack towards her and her success. Chiyu publically called out Buster on her official Twitter account, calling him a "coward" and a "talentless one-hit wonder". Buster responded by calling her "sensitive" and told her to "take a joke". Mere minutes after Buster posted his reply, many of Chiyu's fans began verbally attacking Buster and ratioing him with 9+10=21 memes and RAISE A SUILEN song lyrics for being disrespectful to the young DJ.

    Personal life[edit | edit source]

    Chiyu is bilingual; she can speak fluent Japanese and English. She is known for her signature Japanglish speaking style, which she frequently uses in casual conversations and even interviews.

    Education[edit | edit source]

    Chiyu is known to be very gifted for her age, as she was given permission to skip multiple grades and become a high school student at a very young age. Despite her busy schedule, she still attends school in person.

    Philanthrophy[edit | edit source]

    After the announcement of Carl Wheezer's death on April 22, 2020, Chiyu announced that she would be donating all the proceeds from RAISE A SUILEN's then-latest single "Drive Us Crazy" to charity. While she didn't specify what charity she was donating to, she was praised by the public for being respectful and humble.

    In a subsequent interview, Chiyu stated that she thinks of Carl as a "musical prodigy who was taken from us too soon".

    When asked about Wheezer's sudden revival in August of 2021 by the press, she reportedly ran away to cry tears of joy. To keep her strong, haughty public image intact, Chiyu denied that she shed tears that day, but said she was "in disbelief" and "smiled for hours and hours".

    Discography[edit | edit source]

    RAISE A SUILEN[edit | edit source]

    Main article: RAISE A SUILEN Discography

    Filmography[edit | edit source]

    Film[edit | edit source]

    Year Title Role Notes
    2020 Pooh Goes Poop: Pooh Shoots His Mom For Touching His Bionicles Herself
    RAISE A SUILEN Live at Random City Convention Center 2020 [Note 1]
    The Ballad of Burrito Forglum
    The Movie Where Nothing Happens

    Television[edit | edit source]

    Year Title Role Notes
    2021 The Clam Jam Herself

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    1. Live show marketed as feature-length film
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