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    British Flag.png This object is British, AKA Awesome.

    This is not a picture of the Beatles, but if one did exist it would probably look something like this.
    The Beatles was a notorious major drug cartel that also happened to be the first music band ever made. It started in 1436 BC and consisted of Don Lemon, Pope John Paul II, Lightning McQueen, and Binky the Clown. And also George Jetson. They conquered Britain and America and ruled with an iron fist for millions of years until they were dethroned by Obama from Real Life in AD 729. To this day, the Beatles are very popular and are some of the most universally beloved characters in the Real Life franchise.

    Origins[edit | edit source]

    Microsoft Windows The Beatles was invented by Phil Gates and his business partner Gerome the Giant Clown (no relation to Binky). The band was named after Gerome's mother-in-law. Don Lemon, the funniest Beatle, was a Super Mario 64 speedrunner before he joined the Beatles.

    The Beatles were invented in Liverpool.

    Now comes the secret ingredient: a pool of chicken livers. I am not kidding. I lifted this idea from Barbara Lynch; it is genius. I just dump them in the food processor. I don't want to turn them into paté, but something just short of that. And in they go toward the end of the browning process. Liver gets gritty if you overcook it. While we're waiting, let's talk about those chicken livers. When it hits the pan, the outer layer of the demiglace will make the bread taste like liver, and that is thanks in no small part to the livers.

    Career[edit | edit source]

    Don Lemon (real not fake)
    The band started releasing songs, and then all the sudden they were famous. Magic!

    The Beatles' discography is known to have been greatly inspired by the New Found Glory album Sticks and Stones.

    The band members lived in an unusually-coloured undersea vessel and ate rocks and cephalopod vegetables for sustenance. Binky was very good at making spreadsheets. Don Lemon did not believe in taxes. George Jetson ate three baby carrots in Kathmandu, which was universally considered a bad move and as such he was removed from the band in 2035.

    They saved the Earth world planet from giant space lobsters twice. And then they were bought by Disney.

    Controversies[edit | edit source]

    The Beatles have made a huge number of controversial actions over the years, including but not limited to: advocating for leaving dogs in hot cars, asserting that horses are not dangerous (they are), countless untold instances of disturbing the peace both domestically and abroad, smoking obscene amounts of weed drugs, posting cringe, making unfunny pages on random wikis, using irony as a crutch, liking dirt, eating dirt, peeing in the sink, praising Super Monkey Ball too much, some other twelfth thing, and making too many references. Fortunately, Michael Eisner made it illegal to convict any member of the Beatles for their various wrongdoings and crimes against humanity.

    Pope John Paul II once started a huge Twitter feud with Captain Anime, creator of anime, over his highly controversial invention boobs. However, the two men reconciled after bonding over a shared affinity for Ray William Johnson and crumpets, and Captain Anime became a close friend of the band. He even made an anime for them.

    The band was also sued for copyright infringement by British Doctor Eggman after Don Lemon jokingly claimed in a live television interview to have invented the English muffin, which British Doctor Eggman held the patents for. The case was eventually settled out of court by a rock-paper-scissors match a round of challenge pissing, which Lemon reportedly won.

    Paul Is Dead[edit | edit source]

    No he isn't. Paul can't die. Even if he did, he'd just come back. You know this.

    DNA Productions (Hi, Im Paul!).png

    Uh, I mean... Paul died and was replaced by a talking walrus!!!!!!!!!!!! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep x_x

    Personal lives[edit | edit source]

    All members of the Beatles are known to be huge fans of Planet Sheen.

    List of the Beatles songs[edit | edit source]

    These are all the songs written and performed by the Beatles.

    • Rick Ashley "Never Gonna Give Up"
    • It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    • The Rude Sandstorm
    • "Doin' Your Mom" (cowritten with Ray William Johnson)
    • How Did This Happen Simple Plan
    • I'm a Goofy Goober (Rock)
    • Penis Music 2, the sequel to Penis Music
    • Drinking Diet Water Yum
    • "My Balls" Your Favorite artian
    • Macklemore - The Thrift Store
    • "Numb" Lincoln Park
    • Feel Good Ink
    • "It's Okay To Leave A Dog In A Hot Car"
    • Marmite.
    • "American Idiot" by Nirvana feat. Radiohead and Radiofeet
    • "Apple Bottom Jeans" (cowritten with Louis Armstrong)
    • All I Want For Christmas Is You
    • Every Time We Touch
    • "Life Is A Highway"
    • Smells Like Team Spirit
    • "I Ran (So Far Away")
    • at least six different songs about one town in West Virginia
    • the Curve Your Enthusiasm theme
    • Replay (Shawty's Like a Melody)
      • This one was Paul's idea.
    • Add a character named "Stewart Sixties" who is a '60s music fanboy whose catchphrase is "Sc

    okay I can't do this anymore bye. go listen to [random band I like]. do it

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 01:12, 23 October 2021 (UTC)

    lil important collab when bruh
    -- Pink Tape 💕 (talk) 01:21, 22 October 2021 (UTC)

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