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    The Bunker Cast Away
    Also known as
    Genre Action/Adventure<br>Musical Comedy<br>Sitcom-esque but not really
    Created by Kh2cool (Bunker 2.0)<br>MarioPhineas76<br>AwesomeCartoonFan01<br>CCs and Cream (Original creators)
    Based on
    Inspired by
    Developed by
    Written by
    Screenplay by
    Story by
    Directed by
    Creative director
    Presented by
    Starring Kh2cool<br>MarioPhineas76<br>AwesomeCartoonFan01<br>Bowser & Jr.<br>(see full cast at )
    Voices of
    Narrated by
    Theme music composer
    Opening theme
    Ending theme
    Country of origin
    Original language English
    Number of seasons
    Number of episodes
    Executive producer
    News editor
    Production location
    Camera setup
    Running time
    Production company
    Original network
    Picture format
    Audio format
    First shown in
    Original release
    Preceeded by
    Followed by
    Related shows

    The Bunker Cast Away is a Threequel to the Bunker Series, it takes place after the previous Bunker, The Bunker 2.0 , This new series will include new characters from different cartoons.

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    The Bunker 2.0 and the Bunker wins the War against Justin Beiber and The Have A Laugh Production Teens, so the Teens made a deal with the Bunker if they win Earth is restored and if The Teens win they rule all man-kind, so Planet Earth is restored, But Justin Beiber and the teens send The Bunker rushing down to planet Earth and the Bunker and the Teens end up getting stranded on a deserted Island with new survivors of the war who would like t Join their Bunker. For the first time The Bunker will be in a giant deserted island with their worst enemy's.

    Episodes[edit | edit source]

    Episodes will not be made unil The Bunker 2.0 is finished.

    See them here

    Songs[edit | edit source]

    Songs will not be made until The Bunker is finished/

    See them here

    Cast[edit | edit source]

    Users[edit | edit source]

    • Mariophineas76 as Himself
    • Awesomecartoonfan01 as Herself
    • Bowser & Jr. as Himself
    • Kh2cool as Himself
    • Alternate Phineas as Himself
    • Mochlum as Himself
    • Tornadospeed as Himself
    • Gray Pea Shooter as Himself
    • Banjosnape as Himself
    • J.Severe as Himself
    • Moonsnail as Himself
    • Faves3000 as Himself
    • Rawrlego as Himself
    • Missingno as Himself
    • Thatanimeguy as Himself
    • Complienscreator00 as Himself
    • Complienscreatorbro as Himself
    • Livin' in a Funhouse as Himself
    • Lego55 as Herself
    • MarioLuigi123 as Himself
    • Turbo Furbo as Himself
    • VmanJustice as Himself
    • WhatIam as Himself
    • FredtheFish as Himself
    • Redsox1099 as Himself
    • NermaltheBunny as Himself

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    • Spongebob Squarepants Cast
    • My Little Pony:FriendShip is Magic Cast
    • Johnny Test Cast
    • Phineas and Ferb Cast
    • Kingdom Hearts Cast
    • Yakko, Wakko & Dot
    • The Power Puff Girls (And Brownie)
    • The Rowdie Ruff Boys
    • Crash Bandicoot Cast
    • Spyro The Dragon Cast
    • T.U.F.F Puppy Cast
    • The Regular Show Cast
    • Adventure Time:With Finn and Jake Cast
    • Sonic the Hedgehog Cast
    • Super Mario Bros Cast
    • Ratchet and Clank Cast
    • Sly Cooper Cast
    • Jak and Daxter Cast
    • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cast
    • Shrek Cast
    • Madagascar Cast
    • Looney Toons Cast
    • Fairlyoddparents Cast
    • Pacman Cast
    • The Legend Of Zelda Cast

    Navigation[edit | edit source]

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