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    The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve

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    The logo for the series

    The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve is a Randomese cartoon created by every single being in this hub of random crap. It is about this guy named Steve who goes on adventures either made up by me or everyone who's NOT me. Its humor is inspired by SMG4. And the concept is inspired by that fanmade Invader Zim show. It was later revealed that TCACAOS is a sequel series to said show

    The show started off as just a collab song between Steve and Duck.blitz called “The Cool And Collaborative Song With Steve.” The song released on January 27th, 2024 as part of the Exit 42 album. The song was so beloved Steve got to work making the 5 minute song into a TV series and pitched it to the executives at The Random Channel. The show was greenlit and officially announced on February 25th, 2024, and the first 40 episodes premiered that same day on the RandomToons block and The Random Streaming Service for some reason. The show also airs on The Steamed Clams Channel, replacing Phineas and Ferb's 11:30 slot. A video game and DVD's are released.

    On March 2nd, Random King announced the show would move to The Random King Channel, as it has more freedom than the RandomToons block. Effective April 10th, 2024, The show would fully stop airing on the RandomToons block and episodes would no longer get banned. Season 2 was renewed the minute the season 1 finale premiered. The next day on The Random Channel, it was added to the channel’s nighttime programming list

    On April 12th, 2024, it was announced that the third season will also be the show's last because people are getting bored of the show and it's getting negative reviews, that and the writers are running out of ideas. And that it will be replaced by Dog Man: The Fanseries. 2 days later it was decided to just cancel the show on episode 361 because the writers are completely out of ideas and the fourth movie is the Grand Finale.

    Plot (short summary)

    Season 1

    So Steve was bored so he asked Zim how to make a show where he and Stella did random shit. And then Other Steve and Mortimer came into existence, then they went and recruited Parfait Cookie and Guido to stop them, but when Steve got arrested they came back and this devolved into a massive war, and then Mortimer zapped the sun with his laser which caused it to turn into a black hole that sucked everything up. Then that black hole imploded into a giant thing that exploded causing the end of the universe, making the characters live in the void from TADC.

    Season 2

    The universe was restored but Carl returned and escaped. Then it goes back to random crazy adventures until the gang gets superpowers from a chocolate factory trip gone wrong but those superpowers get removed quickly. Then a meteor is found floating in space and it hits Earth and now it's a barren wasteland and the gang are the only survivors.

    Season 3

    The world was restored but the Pooh's Adventures version of Pooh and his infinite legion of characters try to destroy the gang but they lose. Oh and Steve gets married to MEL0DY but he fortunately divorced.


    (*) = Banned from the RandomToons block (**) = Banned from almost anything

    Season 1

    Bold=Part of the big story arc

    1. Steve goes to the Hundred Acre Pooplands* (banned for the crude humor)
    2. The longest Pizza Hut line
    3. The gang meets Buster Puppet* (banned for Buster's controversy)
    4. The guys go back in time to the first thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu
    5. Steve-bius
    6. Steve meets Freddy Fazbear and gets stuffed into a suit* (banned for the graphic imagery)
    7. Steve vs. Charlie Morningstar* (banned for charlie having S-E-X with steve in the last scene) (he loses 50k dollars by the end, and the introduction of smaller, 2-3 episode long arcs [witch we will introduce later] known as mini-arcs)
    8. Steve goes un-bankrupt
    9. Steve makes a youtube account* (banned because the youtube videos steve makes have graphic and/or inappropriate imagery)
    10. Steve goes Poop* (banned for the same reason as the first episode)
    12. Steve goes to The Amazing Digital Circus (the second mini-arc)
    13. Steve abstracts and has to be banished to the cellar, where he starves to death
    14. Steve gets re-incarnated as his old-Stevey self
    15. The Steveland Show*
    16. War of the Meapston Siblings 2024 (WOTFI parody)
    17. Other Steve comes into existence and teams up with Mortimer Mouse and he Ha Cha Cha’s Stella, so Steve has to save her
    18. Steve and Stella go on a quest to uncover the fabled Bass Pro Shops Pyramid
    19. Steve Vs. Content Farms
    20. Steve recruits Parfait Cookie on the epic conquest
    21. Steve, Stella, and Parfait go to Downtown Atlanta
    22. The gang accidentally gets high when Carl gives them super mushrooms*
    23. Steve tries to bring back Guido's Pooptastic Adventure by forcing 2000 people to sing Everybody Poops*
    24. The police catch Carl, but he reveals the coordinates of the Lego Guido Idol before getting sent to jail
    25. The gang goes to Disneyland in search of the Lego Guido Idol. They find it in the gift shop of Radiator Springs Racers
    26. Guido summoned successfully
    27. Steve and guido get into a slapfight
    28. Steve and stella become superheroes, oh and mortimer returns
    29. Stella becomes a babysitter and steve's cloud becomes full of rain
    30. Finally an episode with groel in it
    31. Teletubbies invade the earth
    32. Steve defeats the god of all teletubbies
    33. Steve makes a lean and grimace shake shop that kills the fish who likes purple
    34. Steve finds a map to find The One Piece
    35. Steve fends off monsters and shit while he sails the seven seas*
    36. The Gang find The One Piece, It’s literally AMONGUS
    37. Other Steve tries to build up his army to become a much stronger force after hearing the news of Steve getting The One Piece
    38. The gang jumps Other Steve and Mortimer and they run away. They’ll probably come back later though
    39. Steve Goes Poop 2: Guido eats taco bell and poopys
    40. Steve Goes Poop: The Third: Everyone goes Poop
    41. Steve succesfully brings back the 3 Guido's Pooptastic Adventure's pages.
    42. Steve makes a movie (it's worse than foodfight and norm of the north)
    43. Steve sacrifices the entirety of his braincells by watching skibidi toilet
    44. Five Night's at Guido's
    45. Who Let the Mortimer Out? (Who let the chomp out parody)
    46. Steve touches little kids while singing "I Love Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo*
    47. Stella gets rapped by mortimer and steve tries to fight him in a mcdonalds parking lot but ends up fighting mickey in a bk parking lot. He ends working at Burger King.**
    48. Steve becomes a communist*
    49. Steve gets vaccinated and diagnosed with type 69 diabeetus*
    50. The gang compete in a RARCAR thingie, compete in the "Steve and Zim At The Olympic Games 2024", and Steve goes BACK to the Hundred Acre Pooplands (50 episode special)
    51. Steve goes to Fluttershy's shed*
    52. Five Night's at Guido's 2
    53. Five Night's at Guido's 3
    54. Five Night's at Guido's 4
    55. Forklift Location
    56. Security Guido
    57. The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve and <insert name here> is good enough for me to poop on
    58. Steve announces he will get a $80354590428758972349 billiontrillionquadrillionquntillionsextillionspetillion raise when they reach 100 episodes (THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS)
    59. Steve expands his D O N G*
    60. 40 moar left till da raise
    61. Steve is forced to watch skibidi toilet vs spiderman vs grimace vs freddy fazbear vs pomni vs ban ban 24/7 by mortimer*
    62. Guido poops all over steve's house
    63. Mortimer kills guido
    64. guido comes back
    65. fuck shit bitch ass dick cum penis* (this episode was written by the hazbin hotel/helluva boss crew)
    66. Steve goes to Copper 9 and becomes a Worker Drone (the sequel to "Zim becomes a Meta Runner")
    67. Steve snorts a suitcase full of coke and is starting to feel the effects
    68. Steve realizes what prumes are
    69. The Nice Episode 🤨😏*
    70. 30 moar left till da raise
    71. Steve Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door*
    72. The Quest to Poo Everywhere
    73. Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Sr. (born Justin Peter McFinnigan) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American animated sitcom Family Guy. He is voiced by the series' creator, Seth MacFarlane, and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the Griffin family, in the episode "Death Has a Shadow" on January 31, 1999. Peter was created and designed by MacFarlane himself. MacFarlane was asked to pitch a pilot to the Fox Broadcasting Company based on Larry & Steve, a short made by MacFarlane which featured a middle-aged character named Larry and an intellectual dog, Steve. For the series, Larry was renamed Peter.
    74. Steve bingewatches the entire Pooh goes Poop morbillionogy including Rocky and Bullwinkle go to*
    75. Do you like waffles? (mid season finale, GIR gives everyone waffles as a celebration)
    76. Steve eats all the food in the multiverse and all night he went "HNNNNNNNNNN" and when he woke up he was fat
    77. Steve Ultimate: World of Light
    78. Steve watches Fat Dog Mendoza and The Jesuses join in because they love Fat Dog Mendoza
    79. The Stevuses (The Jesuses parody)
    80. 20 moar left until da raise (and guido throws a poopy party)
    81. Mortimer overpowers Other Steve and kicks him out and Other Steve becomes a neutral character
    82. Other Steve For Hire (Inspired by Sonic For Hire, the episode is him trying to get various jobs after getting kicked out by Mortimer)
    83. Stella goes out to find Rocky and Bullwinkle to get them to join the show
    84. You know why we’re here *Blasts Sicko Mode* (Aka. Bullwinkle and Parfait order the Travis Scott Burger)
    85. The Pooh goes Poop cast joins the show too
    86. Mortimer finds a second member to add to his team (which is called "The Ha Cha Cha-ers"), Manny Heffley
    87. Cabin Fever
    88. Diary of a Wimpy Steve
    89. The Cheese Touch
    91. Steve goes to the Willy Wonka thing in Glasgow and dies from dissapointment (start of the Wonka arc)
    92. Steve finds the Unknown (an evil chocolate maker) in his walls
    93. Steve and the random pizza factory (end of the Wonka arc)
    94. Steve goes Poop 4: The End
    95. Steve burns the long haul movie (95 episode special)
    96. Steve goes back in time to the first halloween to get pumpkins off the menu
    97. Fat Steve Mendoza
    98. Steve reacts to AI Generated Images
    99. 1 moar
    101. Groel and Smart E. Pants get fired because the boss realizes that they appear in like 2 episodes, rendering them useless characters
    102. Groel and Smart E. for Hire (the direct sequel to the previous episode and the kinda sequel to Other Steve for Hire. Speaking of which, they end up working with Other Steve)
    103. Steve eats tubby custard for 10 hours
    104. Into the Steve-Verse (start of the spider verse arc)
    105. Steve and Stella become a Spider Man and a Spider Woman respectively
    106. Steve defeats the Spot (end of the spider verse arc)
    107. Have you ever...farted a little too hard...and poopoo comes out of your booty
    108. Steve goes to the Flower Kingdom
    109. Steve Preschool
    110. It's been a while since we last banned an episode. Congrats to us.
    111. Steve has no rizz
    112. Steve buys the Nintendo 65, the XBOX 720, and the Atari 10400.
    113. The Burger King in this universe gets replaced with a new thing called Flubee Burger King (It's the same but the burgers are replaced with flubee burgers)
    114. Plarium Games (the maker of Raid Shadow Legends) catches up to the show and Steve gets sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
    115. GIR makes waffles for Steve
    116. Steve gets used to the fact this show's main channel it airs on is now The Random King Channel instead of the RandomToons block
    117. Stella goes Poop
    118. Guido's Pooperia gets demolished (the TRUE end of the Five Nights at Guido's saga)
    119. Steve reacts to DeviantArt
    120. Steve uses GMod
    121. Steve shoots David Zaslav for cancelling Coyote vs. Acme (start of the Jail arc)
    122. Steve gets arrested for his murder
    123. Steve's sentence gets revealed. It's death
    124. Mortimer gains ultimate strength and plans to destroy the universe in episode 150
    125. The gang try to bail steve out of jail. It backfires
    126. David Zaslav gets re-incarnated as a nicer guy and releases Coyote vs. Acme
    127. Steve doesn't get released even though the movie getting cancelled was the reason he did the crime
    128. Pooh poops on the warden
    129. Mortimer finds a new member to add to his team of three, it's fucking Jack Horner
    130. Jack Horner frick-fracks a random guy (20 more episodes until Punishment Day)
    131. Life behind bars
    132. Stella plans a war on Mortimer's gang
    133. The Dog Man cast join the show in support of the war
    134. Lil' Petey beats the shit out of Manny
    135. Pooh sits on Darby
    136. Puss in Boots temporarily joins the show to kill Jack Horner
    137. Mortimer gets very pissed that the gang killed his minions, so he upgrades his power by 27669 morbillionminionillionpomnilliongrimacillion
    138. Mortimer hires the doom syndicate
    139. Stella vs. The Doom Syndicate (the doom syndicate dies quickly)
    140. 10 episodes until The Great Collaborative War and Steve's execution
    141. The Melancholy of Stella
    142. Stella and the Ha Cha Cha Virus (parody of Mario And The T-Pose Virus)
    143. The gang recruit the help of Steenee
    144. Stella's Depression
    145. Steve's Final Hours
    146. Steenee's sister Tsareena (who if the Gen 8 pokedex entries are anything to go by, she's evil) betrays her and joins Mortimer's gang
    147. Steve gets reminded that Punishment Day is in 3 episodes
    148. The Calm Before The Calm Before the War
    149. The Calm Before The War
    150. The Great Collaborative War (season 1 finale)


    10.5. This ain't canon it's just a commercial saying you can contribute to the show.


    Season 1.5

    69. zeezon TOO! announcement

    Season 2

    1. Life in the void from tadc
    2. The universe gets revived
    3. Carl The Camel breaks out of prison
    4. Steve's Guide to Going Woke
    5. Steve Returns To The Glasglow Willy Wonka Experience And Fights The Unknown Again (he went to the glasglow wonka experience in a previous episode but why not do it again)
    6. Tsareena noclips into the Invader Zim: The Fanseries universe and meets her not even close to evil pre-evolution, Steenee
    7. Tsareena and Steenee switch places
    8. They go back to their respective universe
    9. Steve joins an Object Show
    10. Steve ends up being eliminated first from the Object Show he just joined (It was vote to save and his opponent was Leafy and she survived because she is overrated as fuck)
    11. If Steve was in Nintendo Games (parodies every nintendo game except mario wonder cuz we already did in episode 108 of season 1)
    12. Tsareena rap- i mean fucks stella and steve tries to fight her in a kfc parking lot but fights quaquaval (tsareena's rival who's personality is a complete 180) in a popeyes parking lot** (the sequel to the infamous 47th episode of season 1)
    13. Steve says Trans Rights and gets cancelled by Twitter karens
    14. The show gets sponsored by CloneVPN (start of the clone arc)
    15. Clone Steve and Clone Stella come into existence and try to destroy the city
    16. Riggy joins the show to stop the clones
    17. Clone Riggy returns and the entire cast (except the villains) gets cloned
    18. Steve uses the Lego Mario Idol to summon Mario
    19. Mario is summoned
    20. Mario frick fracks the clones, killing them instantly (end of the clone arc)
    21. Steve takes ownership of a 97 year old diner and serves coke the old fashioned way
    22. Steve goes to Minecraft and fights Herobrine
    23. The FBI destroys Mortimer's zeppelin and he moves to a laboratory
    24. Carl finds out about Mortimer's team and joins it
    25. Steve gets hired by the CIA and gets the entire city addicted to crack*
    26. Steve and Stella go to the skeld and play a real life version of Among Us
    27. Steve works for the fucking goddamn hazbin hotel* (another episode by the hazbin hotel/helluva boss crew)
    28. Da episode dat was pimped by gizoogle
    29. If Steve was in Family Guy*
    30. Steve goes to scotland and sees dancing toothless
    31. If Steve was in Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network
    32. If Steve was in Playstation
    33. If Steve was in XBOX
    34. Charlie Morningstar gets revenge on Steve by joining Mortimer's crew*
    35. Steve goes to Shrek's Swamp
    36. Steve takes the L out of kingler (a pokemon) and becomes apart of kinger's insect collection
    37. Steve gets annoyed by the UTTP and defeats them
    38. Steve meets Twomad's ghost*
    39. Steve gets infected by the Gen Alpha bullshit and becomes the Gyatt Skibidi Sigma Fanum Tax Rizzler
    40. Stella snaps Steve out of that
    41. Steve cures cancer
    42. komer
    43. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Steve Poop
    44. Dart Challenge
    45. According to all known laws of aviation
    46. Steve uses SoraAI
    47. Poopy
    48. Steve becomes a furry* (he snaps out of it by the end)
    49. 1 moar
    50. Teh Epik 200 Episode Special
    51. The Cool And Collaborative Song With Steve: The Unreleased Music Video Now Released!* (Ft. Duck.blitz)
    52. Steve is mad there hasn't been a new episode in a while
    53. Steve goes to MatPat's Retirement Party
    54. Steve makes a show on the level of quality of greeny phatom
    55. Yummy yummy
    56. Getting bored
    57. The wokening
    58. Steve Goes Poop 93875848973: Okay I Promise This Is The End
    59. Steve Goes Poop 6969696969696969869: Still Pooping
    60. Steve forgives Buster Puppet since he got revived
    61. Steve gets eaten by the nematodes (this ties in with the events of Pooh Goes Poop: Attack On Nematodes, , )
    62. Pooh, Parfait, Darby, and some other people kill the Nematodes and free Steve (This and the previous episode are the only episode where Darby plays a heroic role)
    63. Breaking Mortimer* (Carl, Mortimer, Tsareena, and the other Ha Cha Cha-ers who died in the jail arc except the doom syndicate cuz they suck (they were revived in a ritual just for this episode) recite the entirety of Breaking Bad in a 25 minute timeframe)
    64. The revived Ha Cha Cha-ers die again
    65. Mario celebrates Mario Day
    66. Steve realizes the mario movie sequel drops after gta vi
    67. Steve and Stella: Rescue Random Rangers
    68. Steve and Stella Go To McDonalds
    69. amogus
    70. Steve wears a suit to Minions 2
    71. Carl and Plankton fry Mr. Krabs and send him to the seafood restaurant (This came out on March 14th, you’ll only get why it came out that day if you’ve watched the SpongeBob Movie)
    72. Groel, Smart E, and the quest to become relevant characters again
    73. The rehiring
    74. Denzel crocker terrorizes the city (This episode was made on March 15th, you'll only get why it came out that day if you're a big Fairly OddParents fan and watched the episode "The Secret Origins of Denzel Crocker")
    75. Steve goes to the world of cars, where anybody can be anything they want
    76. Steve realizes weird things happen all the time because this is an animated show, and we all know that, as jonah hill guido puts it, animation is black magic
    77. Blunderfail (Undertale parody)
    78. Steve, Stella, and the unknown sign a petition to get in fighters pass 2 for RNASB2 (the scribbled out characters in fighters pass 1 imply Tyler already picked out the characters for fighters pass 1)
    79. borgor
    80. Steve's Pooptastic Adventure
    81. Groel plays Fortnite and tries to get the Travis Scott skin but he can’t because it’s not in the Item Shop, so he teams up with the real Travis Scott and raids the Epic Games headquarters and forces the executives at gunpoint to put Travis back in the Item Shop
    82. Everyone tells their origin stories
    83. Steve calls saul
    84. Steve, stella, and the unknown raid Your Mom's House the creator of RNASB2 and holds him hostage until they get in fighters pass 2
    85. Nacho taco chimichanga
    86. Steve plays Dog Man and the Quest to Find Who Pooped in Chief's Office on his XBOX 720
    87. The Journey to Your Mom's House
    88. Steve goes on the Norm of the North twitter account
    89. Steve meets the Snonce Crongldker
    90. Steve goes to Pooh's Poopy Restaurant (this episode is just a commercial for Pooh Goes Poop: Pooh's Poopy Restaurant)
    91. The Gang goes to Willy Wonka's Factory (something crazy happens in the end)
    92. Steve and stella become superheroes AGAIN! But this time Pooh, Groel, and Smart E. are in on the ride since they have superpowers too.
    93. The gang gets their superpowers taken away
    94. Steve turns into a woodland creature and becomes a Rescue Ranger
    95. Steve burns the long haul movie for the second time (245th episode special)
    96. Steve: The Scarlet Shedder (ft. Dog Man)
    97. Steve reads every single letter of The Ultimate Random
    98. Steve buys a golden piece of poop (The golden poop in question is Hestu's Gift from The Legend of Zelda)
    99. 1 moar 2
    100. Teh Epik 250 Episode Special (50 moar until 300 oh god i'm old)
    101. Steve de-accelerates time to 1998 so he can eat Szechaun Sauce
    102. Steve cooks Stuart and Stump and sends him to a seagull restaurant
    103. Steve Goes Poop 202248
    104. War of the Skinny Meapstons 2 (I decided to make new WOTSM episodes at random points instead of them being yearly)
    105. Steve takes too much medicine
    106. Steve grocks mel0dy*
    107. Steve goes to Normal Town
    108. Tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssoooooooooooooooddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeee ttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooootttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    109. Hairy balls*
    110. Steve gets a poop fetish*
    111. Steve finds a gun near a school*
    112. DE CAIK IZ A LIE!
    113. Steve gets cancer from watching too much long haul movie
    114. Steve: The Movie: The Book: The Game: The Ride
    115. According to all known laws of aviation
    116. Stella drinks the shamrock shake
    117. Stella drinks the shamrock shake 2: Steve drinks the grimace shake
    118. Invader Steve
    119. Invader Steve: The Fanseries
    120. komer 2: WHAT IS A KOMER?!
    121. The gang goes to space and find a frozen meteor floating over Earth (start of the Meteor arc)
    122. Mortimer tries to defrost the meteor
    123. The meteor is 1% defrosted
    124. Steve tries to annihilate the meteor
    125. The meteor doesn't get destroyed
    126. The world is doomed
    127. Mortimer throws a party
    128. Steve realizes the 300th episode is coming up
    129. i'm running out of episodes to think of for this arc
    130. The meteor is 34% defrosted
    131. komer 3
    132. running out of ideas
    133. A
    134. B
    135. C
    136. D
    137. E
    138. F
    139. G
    140. The meteor is 79% defrosted
    141. H
    142. I
    143. J
    144. K
    145. L
    146. M
    147. N
    148. O
    149. P
    150. Teh Epik 300 Episode Special (the meteor blows everything but the gang up at the end)


    Season 3

    1. Everything Has Gone Down The Drain (kind of a re-enactment of Pooh Goes Poop 5)
    2. The world is restored
    3. Smart E. becomes a cashier at a store that sells blue milk (ties in with the events of Pooh Goes Poop: Pooh Gets Blue Milk)
    4. Smart E. gets fired from his cashier job
    5. The Late One Month Anniversary
    6. Steve drops at Mount Olympus and dies within 10 second of landing in Fortnite
    7. Steve manages to successfully defeat Zeus (Continuation of the previous episode)
    8. Homander
    9. Komer 4: This Show Never Ends
    10. The Greek Gods Try To Kill Steve For What He Did 3 Episodes Earlier
    11. Pooh Vs. Fake Pooh (Start of the Pooh Goes Poop Vs. Pooh’s Adventures arc)
    12. Fake Pooh unleashes every character known to man (Except characters that were already in the show to begin with) on Steve and the gang
    13. The Ha-Cha-Cha-Ers actually help the heroes for once and attempt to stop Fake Pooh and his army, but they fail and they go back to being evil
    14. Zim find a mind control stone (It belongs to Fake Pooh and it is revealed that he is hypnotizing everyone to attack Steve and the gang)
    15. Other Steve breaks the stone and frees everyone from Fake Pooh’s spell (End of the Pooh Goes Poop Vs. Pooh’s Adventures arc)
    16. The Show Lives On Forever
    17. This Just Never Ends
    18. Steve gets married to MEL0DY (this was made to satisfy all the SteveXMEL0DY shippers, yes those exist unfortunately)*
    19. Steve divorces melody (this was made not only after the poor reception of the last episode, but because Steve missed living with his siblings and friends, oh and Melody is pregnant and he is not prepared to be a father so that too)*
    20. Steve recovers from the events of the previous 2 episodes*
    21. We're Back! A The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve Story
    22. Steve creates NEW FRIED CHICKEN!
    23. Steve mews
    24. sorry for that last episode it was just made to capitalize on gen alpha kids
    25. Komer 5
    26. Ur mom
    27. Steve meets Shrek
    28. Steve learns how to edge*
    29. Family Guy The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve Funny Moments*
    30. Remok (basically just the 1st komer episode but reversed)
    31. Look out, i think Moto Moto likes you
    32. If Steve was in… Smiling Friends*
    33. Steve uses The Homebrew Channel
    34. Steve becomes held hostage by nintendo after that last episode
    35. Groel starts a rap career
    36. Groel has his rap career destroyed by Melvin Sneedly
    37. The Totally Late Solar Eclipse Special
    38. Zim gets his blindness cured from the events of last episode (He looked directly at the Sun during the eclipse for 5 minutes straight)
    39. Mortimer is kicked out of his team by a new main villain, Evil Steve
    40. Evil Steve takes over The Ha Cha Cha-Ers and renames it "The Mua Ha Ha-Ers"
    41. Evil Steve confiscates your (the viewer)'s bones
    42. Steve bones
    43. Komer 6: Kromer (Steve plays Deltarune for the entire episode)
    44. Komer 6.5: Kromer 2: Steve Becomes A Big Shot
    45. S
    46. H
    47. R
    48. E
    49. K
    50. Teh Epik 350 Episode Special
    51. If Steve was in… God Of War (Kratos joins Steve’s Gang in this episode)
    52. Kratos is killed forever
    53. Meap is fired from the show because no one cared about him
    54. Steve gets the n-word pass
    55. Steve comprehends the kingdom hearts lore
    56. P
    57. O
    58. O
    59. P
    60. Y
    61. The Golden Treasure Hunt (the final episode, it has it all, Zim meets some other irken named Zynonna and they get married and Zynonna is pregnant, and Steve, Stella, and the crew go on a treasure hunt for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pieces of gold [Gold is a currency in the Random Region by the way])



    You can make images of the characters! Also you can add your OWN characters.

    Major Characters

    Other characters that nobody cares about




    • It's the first show to premier the same day it was announced. A video game is also in production.
    • The show was planned to be called "Steve's Random Collab Show". There was also a pilot that had the name "The Cool and Collaborative Chronicles of Steve".
    • Before the concept of Steve was created, the show was originally going to be a Mario parody starring Marty O. and Louis G. It was scrapped in favor of this show. However, there was a pilot made for that early version of the show that is currently lost media.
    • Steve is 29 while Stella is 24.


    Moar Stuff in the Franchise

    Video games

    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve on your Game Console



    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve on DVD
    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve: The Cool and Collaborative First Season
    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve: The Cool and Collaborative Second Season
    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve: The Cool and Collaborative Third Season
    • The Cool and Collaborative Adventures of Steve: The Cool and Collaborative Complete Series



    • There were rumors that the show was originally called the following:
      • Stevesworld
      • The Steve Show
      • Steve and Friends
      • Steve's Random-A-Thon
      • Steve's Show Anyone Can Be Apart Of.

    However, the theories were disproved in a tweet by Randomking2315, see here.

    • Rumors have surfaced that Steve and some other characters will be in Random-Ness All Star Brawl 3, this will be probably be confirmed when the game is officially announced in a few years. As new characters will be revealed when the game is announced.
    • There currently are rumors that a Steve movie trilogy is coming out, but the creators say that they have plans, but they haven't started production yet.
      • A Steve trilogy is officially announced.
        • The Steve trilogy was renewed for a fourth movie.
    • Video game related rumors involve: A sports game, a minigame collection, an RPG, and a go-kart game a lá Mario Kart.


    I liked the part in episode 1 where Steve said “It’s Steve’n Time” after Zim successfully set up the show, thus starting an extremely long chain of unfortunate events
    -- The Man Of Industry (talk) (5:26pm) (3/3/2024) (EST)

    I like how this went from goofy ahh adventures to them finding the one piece then back to goofy adventures to steve going to jail to a literal war to the goddamn end of the goddamn universe
    -- The guy who revived Buster Puppet (talk]) (6:01pm) (3/3/2024) (EST)

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