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    The Lion King 2 1/2: Princess Nala

    DISCLAIMER: Of course this is fan-made.

    The Lion King 2 1/2: Princess Nala or The Lion King 4: God Save the Queen is an American/British co-production with Walt Disney Pictures and HiT Entertainment. It is among Disney's last 2D animated films along with The Princess and the Frog.

    Plot[edit | edit source]

    Like The Lion King 1 1/2, it is a re-telling of the original film, except that Nala is the main character.

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    • Nala - the progatonist of the film and aspiring Queen of the Pridelands. She is a lioness cub.
    • Sarafina - Nala's mother, a lioness.
    • Matoota - Nala's father; a lion. He is very supportive of Nala's friendship with Simba and is known friends with Mufasa.
    • Tumaini ("hope" in Swahili) - Nala's aunt that ultimately helps their reign into the Queen of the Pridelands.
    • Simba - The protagonist in the original film, he is an aspiring king of the Pridelands who starts out as being Nala's best friend and later becomes her spouse and the two birthed Kiara and Kion.
    • Mufasa - Simba's late father killed by his evil brother, Scar. He supported Matoota in Simba's and Nala's friendships.
    • Scar - Simba's evil uncle who plots the death of Mufasa and his son.
    • Mheetu - Nala's little brother who was loyal to his big sister.
    • Bhati - a bat-eared fox who became Nala's best friend before she met Simba and introduced Nala to the latter. She and Nala accompany each other on their long quest for Simba.
    • Rafiki - a wise, out-going mandrill with a baboon-like tail. He is known for holding baby Simba in the air to show to the other Pridelands animals.
    • Zazu - a male red-billed hornbill who was Mufasa's majordomo and babysitted Simba and Nala on their adventure to the Elephant Graveyard.
    • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed - a trio of spotted hyenas who are Scar's minions.
    • Timon and Pumbaa - a comical meerkat and warthog duo, they first discover Simba out in barren land where he was seemingly dying from his PTSD and cheer him up by having them sing Hakuna Matata and dine on insects.
    • Pimon and Tumbaa - The opposites of Timon and Pumbaa. They are muscular, stereotypical bullies who are ordered by Scar to kill Nala, while the hyenas were ordered to kill Mufasa and his son. They chase Nala and Bhati into the wildebeest stampede.
    • Prita - a youthful and somewhat impatient male lappet-faced vulture who is sometimes anxious to eat.
    • Kobi - Prita's mother who is more patient one and holds her son with one wing.
    • Walinzi - a male black rhinoceros who is Nala's and Bhati's bodyguard during their quest to find Simba. Walinzi would sometimes chase Pimon and Tumbaa away whenever they approach Nala and Bhati.

    Cast[edit | edit source]

    • Moira Kelly - Adult Nala
    • Niketa Calame - Cub Nala
    • Zoe Leader - Sarafina
    • Dee Bradley Baker - Matoota
    • Macushla Carney - Tumaini
    • Matthew Broderick - Adult Simba
    • Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Cub Simba
    • James Earl Jones - Mufasa
    • Elizabeth Daily - Mheetu
    • Madeleine Warburg - Bhati
    • Robert Guillame - Rafiki
    • John Oliver - Zazu
    • Tress MacNeille - Shenzi
    • Cheech Marin - Banzai
    • Jim Cummings - Scar and Ed
    • Nathan Lane - Timon
    • Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa
    • Billy West - Pimon
    • Kevin Michael Richardson - Tumbaa
    • Nancy Cartwright - Prita
    • Maria Darling - Kobi
    • Phil LaMarr - Walinzi

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Bhati was a deleted character in the original film during an early production called, King of the Jungle. Bhati discreetly cries silently while Timon and Pumbaa are singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".
    • Pimon and Tumbaa first appeared in "Kahuna Potato", an episode of "The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa".
    • Macushla Carney (Tumaini) and Madeleine Warburg (Bhati) are also respectively Miscellaneous Crew and Producer for Oswald, Rubbadubbers, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, Faeries, Brambly Hedge, and Anthony Ant as well as this film.
    • Like Bhati, Walinzi was also a deleted character for the King of the Jungle script, but he was referred to as the Herr rhino.
    • Walinzi's name means "guard" in Swahili.
    • Prita and Kobi are from a separate deleted scene in a 1990 script of "The Lion King".
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