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    The Paradox is a huge trouble to this Wiki, it has spread trough many pages. Users work hard to make epic stories of Meap, which help destroy the paradox. It one day appeared while Alternate Phineas was looking around the Wiki. He was shocked, he created a blog right away. He learned that the paradox weakness is epic stories of Meap, so he kept track of them. Users can still edit and post, but it's still a threat! In able to stop this, a bunch of Epic Stories of Meap must band together as well as users to stop it.

    Source of The Paradox[edit | edit source]

    Some believe the Paradox could of came from the original Epic Story of Meap, the legend that started it all. The Paradox might exist just to read them, who knows?

    Another popular theory is that it was lurking the Wiki from the start, finding it's weakness, and that it was created by an unknown evil.

    The third and most accepted theory is that the Paradox is from the Dark Universe and crept into our world. Since the Dark Universe is a chaos world unlike our own, it's possible the Paradox isn't directly evil, just chaotic.

    What to do with an encounter[edit | edit source]

    Considering epic stories of Meap is it's weakness, if your page gets a paradox, putting Meap in it or making a Meap story might remove it.

    True Intensions?[edit | edit source]

    It is believed the Paradox may want the original Meap, all for himself. This is beleived due to the fact that it only takes Epic Stories of Meap. It was discovered the Paraodx wanted to date Meap, so it hypnotized him into dating him.

    Being Defeated[edit | edit source]

    The Paraodx was defeated by the users, Epic Stories of Meap, and Doritos (Who are eviler)

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