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    ...is a store in The Random Mall. It sells merchandise of RNW users past and present and stuff they like


    User Plushies

    1. Scary Wallpaper
    2. Marnie (it's actually a voodoo doll so if you squeeze it the real Marnie will actually feel the pain that comes from it)
    3. Ace Lad
    4. Moon Snail
    5. Bowser & Jr.
    6. HPFan2019
    7. Chatot04
    8. Travjt
    9. Xian
    10. Joltikplays
    11. Pancakes
    12. HooplaTheFish (says "Hoopla" and comes with a brick to throw at the plush.)
    13. Hotstepper

    RNW classics series plushies (some of them speak)

    1. Meap (Voice line(s): "Meap!")
    2. Pooh (Pooh Goes Poop)
    3. Darby
    4. Stimpy (Voice line(s): "Oh, joy!")
    5. Uncle Klunk (Voice line(s): "Don't smoke crayolas!")
    6. Crewmate (comes in all colors that are available in the Among Us game plus custom lilac and teal crewmates. They make random noises from the game when you squish them)
    7. Tubb the Pirate (Voice line(s): "Ha! Nothing scares Tubb the Pirate! Ha-har, shiver my timbers!")
    8. Justin Bieber
    9. A Sussy Baka
    10. Everyone from The Joltikplays Show
    11. Carl Wheezer (Voice line(s): "Are you going to finish that croissant?")
    12. Buster Puppet (Voice line(s): "Everybody poops!")
    13. Guido
    14. Everyone from The Loud House and The Casagrandes (Marnie keeps stealing all the Stanley plushies and must be detained)
    15. Rick Astley (he sings Never Gonna Give You Up)
    16. All BanG Dream! girls (Marnie also keeps stealing all the Chu2 and Tsukushi plushies)
    17. The first stages of all of the starter Pokemon from Gen 1-9 (they play their cries when squished)

    Everything else

    • A boom box that plays Random-ness Music Hot 100 songs
    • Replicas of famous Random Region landmarks
    • DVD copies of every Pooh Goes Poop movie
    • Fried chicken
    • Working Inators
    • Meap funko pop (yeah people still buy those apparently)
    • The Bunker franchise on VHS and DVD (apparently you can still buy VHS tapes. Cool)
    • Brick (It’s fun)
    These custom colour crewmates currently aren't in Among Us but can still be purchased at the RNW store as plushes. Teal and Lilac are their unofficial names.
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