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    The Random City Thanksgiving Day Parade

    The Random City Thanksgiving Day Parade is a parade in Random City that takes place every Thanksgiving. The 1st parade happened in 1951 and has become a tradition ever since. It is broadcast on The Random Channel and The Joltikplays Channel. It is based off the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In 2021 it made a collab with the Joltsborrow Parade Company to put their units in the parade, so it now features balloons and floats from the Joltikplays Big Balloon Parade which takes place in Green Island.

    Current balloons[edit | edit source]

    Despite Sponsoring Famous Characters, they are not often sponsored by their creators, mostly by Small Businesses In The Random Region

    • Greg Heffley by Random City School (Designed by Barnabas Connel, Age 9)
    • Dog Man by HaggisBooks (Designed by Maxine Dillon, Age 12)
    • Mickey Mouse by The Walt Disney Company (Designed by Elton Steph, Age 13)
    • Pikachu and Eevee by Benny’s Daycare (Designed by Courtney Constance, Age 8)
    • Ren and Stimpy by The Random Times (Designed by Brian Burton, Age 14)
    • Rex The Dinosaur by Random-Ness Productions (Designed by Elena Jenni, Age 27)
    • Rocky and Bullwinkle by Universal Studios Random-ness (Designed by Curt Evonne, Age 16)
    • Voltron by The Random-Ness Museum (Designed by Casimir Lorraine, age 10)
    • Xian and Tyler from Random, Crazy Adventures by The Random Channel (Designed by John Paul Noel, Age 14)
    • ...and Moar!

    Retired balloons[edit | edit source]

    • Darkwing Duck
    • Gumby (V1)
    • Smokey Bear

    Current floats[edit | edit source]

    • Tom Turkey (Designed by Billy Dannielle, Age 44)
    • Alien by 20th Century Studios (Designed by Gaz Lettie, Age 44)
    • Sandy Sandman by Days Inn (Designed by Sterling Lon, Age 33)
    • Mickey Express by The Walt Disney Company (Designed by Ace Osborn, Age 47)
    • The Colonels Road Trip To NYC by KFC (Designed by Roger Doreen, Age 24)
    • The Brick-Changer by LEGO (Designed by Etta Leo, Age 12)
    • Goldfish on Parade by Pepperidge Farms (Designed by Lana Pattie, age 20)
    • Curry Cookout by The Pokémon Company International (Designed by Josiah Amy, age 22)
    • Rocky’s Barnstormer by Dreamworks Classics (Designed by Cletus Zella, Age 16)
    • Serpent Attack by Royal Caribbean (Designed by Grody Walt, Age 35)
    • Singing Christmas Tree (Designed by Lorie Gary, Age 23)
    • The Dreamseeker (Designed by Linton Nessa, Age 44)
    • Tom and Jerry’s Bus Chase by Warner Bros (Designed by Coy Becca, Age 12)
    • Santa’s sleigh (Designed by Misha LaBelle, Age 11)
    • ...and moar!

    Retired floats[edit | edit source]

    • TBA

    Hosts[edit | edit source]

    Misc[edit | edit source]

    The 71st Random City Thanksgiving Day Parade

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