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    The Random House of Random-ness

    The Random House of Random-ness (or just The Random Houe) is a playhouse/store/arcade/COMIC-CON/comicbook store/pet store/CANDY STORE/fun diner (yep we have EVERYTHING)

    Employees[edit | edit source]

    Owner/Manger: AwesomeCartoon01

    In Charge of Comic Con (besides mangers): Jasimorty, Hetaliafan2011

    The Thef: Kh2cool (I still the money from the store.

    Co-Manger: Faves3000

    The Really Tough Guard: CCs and Cream

    ComicBook Guy: NermalTheBunny

    Pet Store Guy: Moon snail

    Pet Store Watcher: JBWikia9000

    The Idea Guy (who helps come up with product, etc BUT NOT STORS uless it's good): ADD UR NAME HERE

    Girl who stands by and makes sure no one gives alcohol to babies or aliens masquerading as babies: Choerryism

    Waiter/Waitress 1: PB&Jotterisnumber1 (Sophie the Otter)

    Waiter/Waitress 2: ADD UR NAME HERE 

    Waiter/Waitress 3: ADD UR NAME HERE

    The Greeter: Kitty

    Stuff we have[edit | edit source]

    Jasimorty's Bacon Jerky!!!!! Comes in snack size($30) and 3 year supply ($5)

    Nyan Cat (we have OVER 9000) - $10.00

    The Phineas and Ferb Action Figures - Set: $11.90 Seperatly: $5.01

    Animaniacs (all 4 volumes!) - FREEE!!!!! (We have 10,000 of these here)

    Phineas and Ferb Season 1-3 - All of them: $4.09 Seperatly: $5.90

    Nyan Cat: TV Show Complete Series - $1.01

    P&F Rollarcoaster Set (FULL SIZE!!) - $30.00

    78 in. HD 3D TV - $20.00 (3D glasses included)

    The Epik Face Trampoline - $40.40

    The Nyan Cat-inator - $45.09 (makes you poop out ranbows and makes you fly, too!)

    Super Power Drink (have super powers FOREVAR) - $12.09

    Food (even PIE!)

    Meap! Plushie - FREEE!!!!!

    All Thomas Character trains (from books-Season 15) - Set: $101.01 (set only)

    Toontown Online Plushies - $2.99

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Books - Set: $42.42 Available in Set Only

    Companion Cube Plushies - Thecakeisalie.00

    The Portal to The Cartoon World! - $5.00 per portal

    ADD MOAR!!

    Locations and Others[edit | edit source]

    • 1101 Random Lane

    The Outside[edit | edit source]

    File:Receipt01.jpg[edit | edit source]

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