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    The Terrible and Festering Dungeon of Sickness and Horror

    Introduction[edit | edit source]

    The worst place in the world possibly a component of the Dark Universe, you go there under certain circumstances, most particularly to harvest Stalinium from the ancient shackles used to hold down Pre Malone. It exists 300 Minecraft blocks, or 200 Roblox studs below the Void, which often has remnants of previous unsuccessful attempts to reach said Dungeon, such as broken block particles, mostly good diamond gear, or shattered gravity coils. The occasional Soviet T-34 may be found in the form of a cube at around 259 blocks, due to the pressure in the area that turns Soviet made equipment into pure stalinium.

    Occupiers[edit | edit source]

    It was allegedly built by the Caticorn Calendar Cultists Por favor, or CCCP, as an attempt to reestablish the Soviet Union 2. Members are all caticorns, fluent in Spanish, and used to be a cult about calendars. They hold many keys to things unknown to mortal beings, ranging from why aren’t racecsr drivers called raci- ahem um, things like Bill Nye the Spinach Pie, and even a book of the reasons why ones waifu left them. They are very intelligent and can put their knowledge for the greater good, but choose not to and continue to expand the dungeon.

    The dungeon, prisoners, and notable incidents[edit | edit source]

    The following is an excerpt from Vlad’s Travels, who was an experienced Stalker from Pripyat that often made expeditions to the void.

    Vlad’s Travels, who was an experienced Stalker hailing from Pripyat who was unfortunately teleported here by another strange object known as the Wish Granter.

    “Once you reach 300 blocks, you must wait until 8:05 AM or 8:05 PM for a copy of “I Love Tacos” to appear. If picked up, and assuming you haven’t been damaged by the void, a secret door opens and any health lost will be regenerated. Through the door, what appears to be a gothic, sci fi ish castle structure. The guards appear to be girls with large eyes and have catlike features along with spikes on their heads. I recovered a weapon from one of them that happened to be sleeping, and it was an exact copy of an KF7-Soviet, only that it was entirely silent and appeared to have a infinite source of ammunition. “

    It is later remarked in the book that there are multiple secret rooms containing items such as all 359 Xbox’s prior to the 360, a method to count past infinity, a portal to a second Ark that already produced 9 new Halo rings, and Team Fortress 3. The book abruptly ends here however, and Vlad has not been seen since.

    A defector has released more details about the interior of the dungeon, and says it contains “large stashes of bottle caps”, “headlight fluid”, and housing for a fragment of “Epsilon”. It is also very humid in there and the structure of the walls used to be made out of a mixture of moon dust, sugar, spice, everything nice, and a pinch of Stalinium, but due to the age of the structure, holes have been patched up with assorted Lego bricks and Ramen Noodles. The defector also remarks the presence of a “Trash compactor” and how two prisoners escaped from it. Space octopi that feed on the trash along with a very shaggy dog like creature still live there. There is only toilet in the entire structure and the prisoners often die of constipation or a burst bladder, leading to more humidity and the growth of flood spores in the “J block”. Prisoners are also mistreated.

    Notable Incidents

    -Sometime after 420 BCE

    Early construction, sponsored by Vault Tec, begins on the dungeon.

    69 BC

    Construction is completed after centuries of missing payments are made up. The dungeon is left unoccupied for the time being. However, rumors of “Bible 2” appear to be beginning production here.

    1765 AD

    A vacuum that was left on accidentally sucks in a large portion of the British Empire’s money, causing the American Revolution.


    Due to disagreements between Vault Tec and the ancestors of Pre Malone who currently occupy the dungeon. A fight breaks out between the occupants and a team of Vault Tec representatives, leading to one of the occupants pushing the only child into a teleporter to the above world, and inadvertently make Karl Marx.


    A mysterious lump of metal is found and brought in, and is the first known source of Stalinium.


    The first patch of legit solid land forms due to the amount of Stalinium forming and makes tiny islands in the Void.


    The Xbox 359 is made and placed in a room.


    Parasitic oranges start growing out from the area between the internal school and hospital, which quickly starts damaging the brickwork. It is quelled after a few days by deploying a panda shaped roomba.

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