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    Top 10 Worst Pokemon/Ooooo766666's section sinned by RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    I am sinning Kyle Prince's section.

    1. "Gengar (Wish he was the ginger.)" That's a stupid reason. (ding)
    2. How are Haunter's moves terrifying? Even I don't feel intimidated. (ding)
    3. Ho Ho... (ding)
    4. "Mascot of Gold, terrible voice acting scene on Pokerap GS, and freaky design." Those first two aren't valid reasons, also, how is Ho-Oh's design terrifying? (ding)
    5. Same for #4, except for Lugia. (ding)
    6. "Ho Oh's brother." They really aren't siblings, also, Lugia is genderless (ding)
    7. "Needs to be boy" You do realise that Smoochum is 100% female because its evolution is, right? (ding)
    8. "Smeargle's un-painting Brother, Part of "Teddy VS. Sneasel" line on Pokerap GS, and weird design." Don'tcha mean "Teddiursa, Sneasel?" also it's not even in that line. (ding x2)
    9. Doesn't explain why Nidorino is bad. (ding)
    10. He hates Pupitar because "A pupa, which is grey, Then evolves into a monster instead of a green flying Pokemon." (ding)
    11. "HMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" Literally the only reason he hates Shiftry. (ding)
    12. (75% female and 25% male) That's...stupid. I'm a female and my favorite Fairy type has a gender ratio of seven males to one female. (ding x5)
    13. Natu (Baby Xatu.) Literally no reason for hating Natu. (ding)
    14. To be fair, I would rather not call a Ralts "Shucky", because the latter seems like a worse name than Ralts, so it deserves 6 sins. (ding x6)
    15. Being thick is literally the reason why he hates Luvdisc. (ding)
    16. How is Kingdra worse than Horsea? (ding)
    17. Arceus is also thick. (ding)
    18. "Boo. Watchog is better than him." Doesn't explain how. (ding)
    19. "my sister's Tyrunt evolved to this nonsense piece of poop, Then I released him" That's just mean. She worked hard to train it! (ding x5)
    20. "LEAVE ALL POKEMON EXCEPT MAGIKARP LIVING!!!"  Magikarp are very fertile though, so that's not possible. (ding)

    SIN TALLY: 34

    SENTENCE: Too thick.

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