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    im 5 foot somethin but my bills all paiiiid on my tippy toes from la to the bayyyy go off the deep end chill in the shallow you dont need your heels girl just bring a towelllll

    you think you're a bigger fan of noah from total drama than i am, you only know mary on the cross by ghost because of tiktok, your favorite gatorade flavor is the orange one, you like apple juice, you own a pet ferret, you kin a danganronpa character, you're over 5'4", you don't wear socks to bed, you prefer white chocolate over milk chocolate over dark chocolate, you listen to stray kids, you're anti-socks and sandals, you didn't watch fetch! with ruff ruffman growing up, you listen to gorillaz, your favorite loud house sister is luna, you like olives, your favorite kpop group is blackpink, your favorite kpop idol is a member of blackpink, you know any member of blackpink personally, you've ever been to a blackpink concert, you follow any of the blackpink members on instagram, you've ever bought a piece of blackpink merch, you're the type of person who would play an entire blackpink ep or album if i were to give you my aux cord, your favorite itzy title track is not shy, you don't have a single stuffed animal on your bed like not a single one, your favorite pixar movie isn't ratatouille or coco, you still think vines are funny, your favorite msi song is shut me up, you're not lactose intolerant, you sleep with only one pillow, your favorite total drama character is duncan or gwen, you disagree with me on anything ever because i'm always right, roselia stans, morfonica haters, you don't think your mom jokes are funny, you're a kpop fan who stans more than two boy groups, you had a percy jackson phase, you find bang chan attractive, you don't know all the words to ultrasound by johnny massacre by heart, you think lemon demon is better than mc lars, you don't like mc lars, your favorite track off of mc lars' hit 2006 album "the graduate" is rapgirl, you don't like hearts that hate track 5, you've ever chugged a whole bottle of pepsi in one sitting, you use tiktok to discover new songs and artists, you think sprite is sour, your favorite canadian cartoon is grojband or ed edd n eddy, your favorite voice actor is an english anime dub person, jubyphonic fans, you've ever watched, made or contemplated making a "gay or european?" video of a character, you don't think jopping by superm is an actually good song, you don't like your favorite martian, your favorite member of your favorite martian is benatar, your favorite color is yellow, you think you're better at shadowboxing and fortnite dancing than i am, you don't think the big bill hell's video is funny

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