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    Despite everything, it's still you.

    I cannot believe..... dialogue.png

    * ...

    * alright, alright. here it is. (click this line)

    Heyo hiyo, the name's Ace (I formerly went by ACF/AwesomeCartoonFan01). I'm one of the original Random-ness Wiki users. Despite never 'officially' leaving the site, I pretty much did during and after 2014, only popping up every now and then over the years to say hi or something.

    HOWEVER...The original RNW that was hosted on FANDOM was deleted on June 3rd, 2021. So I've recreated it here on Miraheze. I guess I'm a founder now? Full circle...

    As of September 20th, 2021, I am officially no longer active here. Links to my retirement announcement and final Bunker episode can be found HERE.

    Quick stuff about me

    • I'm agender nonbinary & use they/he pronouns. I'm also Old™.
    • I co-created The Bunker, that show thing you've probably seen if you were on the original wiki. Despite it being a mess, it was so much fun to write with everyone and it was my biggest contribution to the original site. :')
    • I have a lot of INTERESTS, namely animation and internet media. Feel free to talk to me about them!
    • IMPORTANT: Because I've been around for over 10 years, I've said and done a Lot of things, especially some pretty rude, ignorant, and misguided stuff. While I've tried to remove some of the awful things I've said back then, there's still some of it floating around and I feel really bad about it. If you happen to run into any of it, please know that I was a different person back then and I apologize profusely for my behavior.

    that's it I guess

    Thanks for reading! Don't really have anything else to add this time around, so just remember to stay weird, stay kind, and stay random!

    * ...

    * what are you still doing here?

    * don't you have somewhere else to be?

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