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    Scary Wallpaper

    BureaucratInterface administrator
    My hoempage.jpg

    This page is 100% real. It's giving you realness Epic Rodrick Style.

    Tiny Raku.jpg
    Tiny Raku.jpg
    Tiny Raku.jpg

    I like I Hate This Place

    Geoff moment.png

    • I like pie.
    • I like lasers.
    • I like mountain music.
    • I am probably the all-time top I Hate This Place listener.
    • I got a number one victory royale.
    • I like Toontown.
    • I've been a fish since I was nineteen years old.
    • I have a computer and an internet connection.
    • My wife has hair.
    • I don't smoke.
    • I live in a volcano.
    • I'm actually a sheet of wallpaper in real life.
    • I use emoticons :)
    • I like to make silly references.
    • Italian Elon Musk haunts my waking thoughts.
    • I like Raku-chan
    • I like to make pages, some of which might even be good.
    • I drink water and eat food and breathe air and walk on the ground <3
    • Scary Wallpaper#5918
    • I'm sophisticated because I listen to Mr Bean dubstep.
    • I like to say "I like pie".
    • I still listen to neon pop.
    • I live in a hole in the ground.
    • WHY?????????????????????????????????????&nbsp
    • ice desk my beloved
    • haha
    • Do people read these? I sure hope not.
    • Give me your HBO Go account so I can watch The Sopranos
    • "Cringe cringe cringe based based cringe based cringe." - John Locke
    • My favorite country is Guam.
    • People do not consider my behaviour erratic or off-putting.
    • I am not real.
    • I never learned to read and write and I can barely even spell my own name.
    • I did not abandon my pet monkey in Germany.
    • I can't get in the cornfields.
    • Hi.
    • I know every fanime that exists. If I don't know about it then it doesn't exist yet.
    • I went to France to get some new pants.
    • I'm Skippy McDippy.
    I am interesting.png

    Have Clay, EVERY DAY

    do you like waffles yeah we like waffles

    Flippy dab.jpg
    M&m dr phil.gif
    Gangnam Style Psy GIF.gif
    Hi cat.jpg
    Gnome Child.jpg
    Tiny Raku.jpg
    I support mama luigi.jpg
    Penguin breakdance.gif
    PB&J rotated.png
    Spooky goste.gif
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