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    Vu Teya is a small remote village in Droscher Valley. It is currently Random Region’s smallest town in area and population, being only 11km2 and with a population of 122.

    History[edit | edit source]


    Geography[edit | edit source]

    Considering the location, Vu Teya’s scenery is surrounded by hills and mountains, has multiple trees in and around it and is situated at a hilltop with an elevation of 312 meters.

    Because of this, Vu Teya has cold temperatures, with the average being 3°C. The hottest recorded temperature was 28.2°C and the coldest was -21°C.

    Places to Visit[edit | edit source]

    While there isn’t much to see, you can still find a variety of landmarks in Vu Teya:

    • The statue of Rolando Vu Teya, the founder of the town.
    • St. Jeffrey’s hotel, while not very big, is a place visited by many tourists. The St. Jeffrey’s restaurant, the only restaurant in the town, is also there.
    • The Vu Teya sightseeing path, which is used very often by tourists if they want to see the scenery outside of the town.
    • The Vu Teya market, an outdoor market near the town’s farm.

    There are also other places such as the Vu Teya Church (a Meapist church), the Lloyd Avenue Hospital, Vu Teya school and the Vu Teya Sports Grounds (consisting of swimming, soccer, basketball and recreational games).

    Dangers and Risks[edit | edit source]

    Vu Teya is prone to disasters such as strong winds and landslides. Not helping us the remoteness of the town, where, despite having a local hospital, may be hard to survive in very serious conditions.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • There is only 1 road that can take you to Vu Teya, and that’s the North Droscher Highway.
    • Because of its stunning scenery, it has also become the hot spot for many photographers and painters.
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