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    You're eligible for a veteran's discount if...

    1. You remember 2011-2014 era RNW
    2. You remember the day Lorx Box first became a thing.
    3. You remember the first hot batch of Wet Balloon Discourse.
    4. You remember when TS posted a lot about Puppycorn and Richard.
    5. You remember when TS called Richard his dad.
    6. You remember Our Rad Dads.
    7. You remember that one meme from the RNW Discord of Enid saying "fuck".
    8. You remember Dezoren.
    9. You remember when The Jesuses was first created.
    10. You remember when Guido visited the RNW Discord.
    11. You remember all three of the Guido's Pooptastic Adventure movie scripts. If you can recite at least one line from it by heart, please seek help immediately.
    12. You remember the deleted scenes from "fak u timebomb".
    13. You remember when Timebomb posted that copypasta and got banned for it.
    14. You remember Timeshannon.
    15. You remember when Sophie was still "PB&Jotterisnumber1".
    16. You remember the dead and dark days of the RNW, when it was just Hoshi, Sophie, Nitzan, Miroir and Timebomb, before multiple old and new users came to town and brought it back to life.
    17. You remember when Klug wasn't involved in drama.
    18. You remember when Klug was in love with Manic.
    19. You remember when Yelena/The Spy was not a mom to Klug.
    20. You remember the time Zuli gmagik'd literally everything.
    21. You remember PIFFIN VOTE.
    22. You remember when Moon Snail said he would leave forever but felt bad and returned 4 days later.
    23. You remember Twimoon. You may need more than a veteran's discount to forgive us for that.
    24. You remember when .mistake, .shit and .burn were enabled.
    25. You remember when there was just one ".t tsanime" tag.
    26. You remember when TS and Jasmine were on the wiki and Discord.
    27. You remember when Corrin was Moon Snail's top husbando.
    28. You remember when Nitzan actually had waifus. She doesn't anymore, for she is far too cool for that.
    29. You remember when everyone was working on The Bunkest.
    30. You remember when Timebomb was known as Bingbang32 and TheworldofBingbang32.
    31. You remember when Peanut and Juanita were married on Peanut Otter's Disco.
    32. You remember when Daisy56 was active.
    33. You remember Klug's 9-person brainwashed Gyre icon. :)
    34. You remember when Klug had no idea what Supernoobs was.
    35. You remember the days when Klug and Nitzan argued over their favorite characters being better than the others.
    36. You remember when BMB was just fresh.
    37. You remember when Robotboy wasn't a thing people talked about on the wiki.
    38. You remember when Jasmine was the server owner, before Ace.
    39. You remember when Ace was the server owner, before Moon Snail.
    40. You remember when Moon Snail didn't have much interest in Puyo Puyo.
    41. You remember when ACF x Yakko was a thing.
    42. You were there when Ace went by ACF.
    43. You remember at least five of Nitzan's old names.
    44. You remember when the days were long and the nights when the living room was on the lawn.
    45. You remember when the Random Region only had four cities and one island.
    46. You remember when Jasmine first created Random-ness Selects.
    47. You remember when the Steamed Clams Channel didn't exist yet.
    48. You remember the Discord server's character days.
    49. You fought in the Random War.
    50. You remember when TS posted really good music in #music-man.
    51. You remember when the canon Pooh Goes Poop arc hadn't ended yet.
    52. You remember when there was only 4 islands in the Random Region (Trollface Island, Furcat, All The Evony Cities, and Amorgos)
    53. You remember... stuff. Just stuff.
    54. You remember when Grey Pea Shooter wasn’t banned yet
    55. You remember your exact date of birth, including the time.
    56. You remember when Nitzan uhhhhh was uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    57. You can name, like, at least five of Nitzan's past obsessions. If you can name more than five you get the Purple Heart and a free Shamrock Shake® from McDonalds™ only for a limited time at participating McDonalds™ restaurants
    58. You remember Dinosapien's 600 alt accounts

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    I remember 58 things on this list. w0w
    -- I'M UNI AND WE DRIVIN A JUMP TRUCK (talk) 16:35, 24 August 2021 (UTC)

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