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    Your Least Favorite YouTubers

    This page has users' opinions on it. Don't get mad if you disagree with any, mmkay?
    And don't try to use this template to deflect criticism if you say something offensive.
    Opposite of Your Favorite Youtubers. ONLY list YouTubers.

    Mino[edit | edit source]

    • Onision (My least favorite Youtuber. I can't believe this man made my favorite video on the site when I was a 4th grader)
    • ImJayStation
    • Colin's Key
    • BillieEllishVEVO
    • Noris Nuts

    Choerryism McChoerryism[edit | edit source]

    • 99.9% of kpop youtubers (Most kpop youtubers are extremely passive-aggressive and condescending, especially the ones who use the TTS Daniel voice instead of their real voice. I straight-up don't vibe with them.)
    • diesel patches (He complains way too much and is needlessly rude and discriminatory in most cases. I do agree with certain points he has made in some videos, but I still do not like him. He is way too negative.)
    • Mr. Enter (You Are Not Immune To Fart Joke Propaganda)
    • All milquetoast video essayists

    Moon Snail[edit | edit source]

    Template:Moon sectionI'm gonna avoid obvious picks like Onision, ACTUALLY HAPPENED and Gachatubers. Obviously I hate them, but this is to freshen up my list.

    • DarkSydePhil (Fuck DSP. He's a legitimate bastard. <s>I don't have the energy to explain why I hate him so much rn</s>, but just know he's easily my least favorite.) (Fuck it I don't think I'll ever have the energy to rant about this human leech at any point, so just watch this video about him, it'll explain everything. Trigger warnings for domestic abuse, general bigotry, and mentions of masturbation, by the way.)
    • PewDiePie (Said the N word in a video, and fucking PAID SOMEONE TO HOLD UP A SIGN THAT SAID "DEATH TO ALL JEWS". Unrelated but also his fandom is the most annoying one ever.)
    • Nathaniel Bandy (His main series is a goddamn triggered joke. He also made a transphobic joke about Mario in a dress, and called the Inklings, who are MINORS, hot. He's also just really fucking annoying in general.)
    • JonTron (Racist)
    • Every Reddittuber aside from Marshall Does Stuff (They all just steal Reddit content and read them back with a shitty TTS. At least Marshall credits and links every post in his descriptions, and makes skits out of them with his actual voice.)
    • TheGamer (Clickbait to the extreme.)
    • ProsafiaGaming (Shamelessly puts spoilers in his thumbnails.)
    • Filthy Frank (He just gives me bad vibes ya know?)
    • Quackity (Damn bro, you go on kids games just to make actual children uncomfortable? You're such a cool dude aren't ya)
    • Game Theory (A.K.A. Matrick Patthew)
    • TheMysteriousMrEnter (I'm not breaking new ground by saying that he's really obnoxious and treats his opinion like law, but I'm saying it for sure.)
    • Wumbotize (I mean he's a good Tetris player and all but he mains Schezo in PPT so he can go fuck himself /hj)
    • My own channel (Cringiest shit ever.)

    Daniel[edit | edit source]

    Just like Mei, I'm omitting the popular targets for hate (Onision, JayStation, etc.), even though their channels are both equally awful, and any Elsagate channels.

    • The Mysterious Mr. Enter
    • GreeYesCrashNo
    • SuperMarioLogan
    • Vailskibum94
    • My Story Animated
    • It's Alex Clark
    • Ryan's World
    • FuturisticHub

    My reasons for hating them[edit | edit source]

    • The Mysterious Mr. Enter: He cannot take the SLIGHTEST amount of toilet/crude humor. Technocracy is pretty good, but his animated stuff is awful. Did I mention his fanbase is pretty much a real life hive mind?
    • GreeYesCrashNo: We found this guy one day on Discord via the t!yt command, and oh boy, we wish we hadn't. He cannot take any form of hate whatsoever, he's a Greeny Phatom fan, and worst of all, he's homophobic and anti-semetic. Honestly, this guy does not deserve the community tab (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he has one!).
    • LZRD WZRD: As a Christian, I cannot respect people who groom minors to make them believe your religious views. I'm glad he's gone from YouTube, and I hope he stays gone.
    • SuperMarioLogan: Imagine if Family Guy was made with Mario plushes. That's SuperMarioLogan for you! Oh, and by the way, neither Family Guy nor SML are funny.
    • Vailskibum94: Honestly, Vail is awful. His voice gets graiting after only about a minute, he played a pretty big factor in Welcome To The Wayne's cancellation, and he never gave a proper apology to Noah David after he STOLE NOAH'S INTRO!
    • My Story Animated: ACTUALLY HAPPENED was already terrible, but this channel is worse. The exaggeration, unrealism, and poor quality are essentially CUBED in this channel. I can't describe it much, because it's content is just so bland and awful. Next!
    • It's Alex Clark: I'm sorry, but I don't find Alex's fake stories funny. Also, didn't he cash in on both Coco and the iPhone X in one of his videos?
    • Ryan's World: Money ≠ Quality
    • FuturisticHub: Not only are his videos ugly and massively unfunny (Fidget spinners r*ping a man? Really?), but he feels the need to insert his disgusting fetishes into every video he makes, which just makes them even worse.

    Xian[edit | edit source]

    • Every popular educational channel (Examples: Cocomelon, Ryan ToysReview, and a bunch of other bullshit)
    • SuperMarioLogan (as of 3/22/2020)
    • Ninja (and every other Fortnite Youtuber)
    • MyUsernamesThis
    • Colin's Key
    • Morgz
    • FGTeeV
    • WatchMojo
    • 5 Minute Crafts/Troom Troom
    • Lisa Gaming Roblox

    SquirtyEatsapancake[edit | edit source]

    I'm trying to not list the ones I don't like just because they disagree with my opinion (such as Just Stop).

    • The obvious ones, Onision and Jaystation.
    • The educational channels, like Xian stated.
    • Aphmau
    • Fake storytime channels, like ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
    • Gacha life youtubers

    TheYouInYouTube[edit | edit source]

    • Morgz
    • 5 Minute Crafts
    • Troom Troom
    • ACTUALLY HAPPENED, Share My Story, My Story Animated, and other crappy animated story channels

    Madi[edit | edit source]

    • SuperMarioLogan
    • Toy review channels (if Chadtronic counts he is an exception.)
    • Various story channels
    • Calobi Productions
    • Cocomelon and its 1000000 knockoffs.
    • Ryan's World
    • 5 Minute Crafts
    • Mr. Enter (Cannot stand toilet/crude humor. Not everything's gonna be immune to that, y'know.)
    • YakkoWarnerMovies101 (Created a horrible crossover that screams character overload, unnecessarily censored shit, made a fucking eight year old character pregnant, and is a homophobe and transphobe.)
    • Any YouTuber that says "YouTube statistics says x% of you aren’t subscribed." It's the literal equivalent of "my viewers won't subscribe to my YouTube channel!!! 😭"

    HPfan2019[edit | edit source]

    Template:Carl's Section

    • KreekCraft
    • 5 Minute Crafts
    • Troom Troom
    • Cocomelon
    • Ryan's World
    • Morgz
    • Nikocado Avocado
    • Mini Ladd

    ohsnappies[edit | edit source]

    • morgz
    • cocomelon
    • 5 minute crafts
    • troom troom
    • all gacha life channels in existence
    • "actually happened"
    • that chinese guy that keeps making cringe clickbait pvz videos
    • fun animator
    • fangirls channels

    raichu's endless nights[edit | edit source]

    dae t series and cocomelon bad because pewdiepie good????

    i genuinely apologise for writing the above sentence

    (some people on here already know my top three answers)

    JoltikplaysTehRandomBoi[edit | edit source]

    • T Series (Technically Pewdiepie’s rival)
    • Cocomelon (Pretty obvious for this one)
    • Any Spambot Users (Nope lol)
    • CwcvilleGuardian (Chris Chan’s YouTube username)
    • MrDweller (Ruined the Mr Incredible meme)
    • Dream (fakes speedruns, and do I even need to talk about his fanbase? we all know about it at this point)

    OofOofOofLolBruh[edit | edit source]

    • My Story Animated
    • Lisa Gaming ROBLOX (can youtube please terminate her before she reaches 100k subs?)
    • That Vegan Teacher
    • Cocomelon and other Nursery Rhymes channels
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