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    Moon Snail[edit | edit source]

    Memes change so fast, as do my favorite memes, so I'll just post some general ones

    • Always will be my favorites: Snapcube memes, Wario dies, Walter White falling, Thomas the Plank Engine, Live Slug Reaction, Feral hogs, Spunchbop, Wilkins Coffee commercials, Loss, Expand Dong, IP address, Yanderedev memes, Big Chungus, Morshu, Pingas, Pootis,
    • Will always suck ass: Every anime meme, memes that are just cropped porn, ear r/pe, memes that use slurs (Like ok buddy r/t/rd and f/mb/y hooters), Nobody:, Pufferfish eating a carrot, "You know what, fuck you", Boys vs. Girls, Sr. Grafo, any memes about Pewdiepie JonTron or DreamSMP, Friday Night Funkin memes (Except for anti FNF memes), Memes that are just "Your opinion (bad) vs my opinion (good)", wholesome memes, most Pokémon memes (Especially the Vaporeon copypasta and Helix fossil), It's just a burning memory (The song and its album were made to raise awareness about dementia. Stop it.), Memes about World War 3, Picture my booty up in 3D, 64 bit 32 bit

    Le Choerryism has arrived :)[edit | edit source]

    Grandma's got a Facebook, now she's hitting on my friends
    Don't care how it started, but now it's got to end
    Help me stay connected to my uncles and my aunts
    But I also know she's been in my best friend's pants

    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Gr-Gr-Grandma Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma

    Well, ever since grandpa passed away, she's been chilling at home
    Watching soaps half the day 'cause she's feeling alone
    So I set her up a Facebook and gave the address
    To my friends and I asked them all to send a request
    And no one would have guessed one day she'd go wild
    But grandma got obsessed and changed her profile
    To "Slutty McButtSex" and I was appalled
    When I saw a bunch of pictures of her cleavage on her wall

    Grandma's got a Facebook, now she's hitting on my friends
    Don't care how it started, but now it's got to end
    Help me stay connected to my uncles and my aunts
    But I also know she's been in my best friend's pants

    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Gr-Gr-Grandma Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma

    Then she updated her status, yeah, and it made me pissed
    'Cause she said her grandson was a crybaby bitch
    And all my stupid friends wrote her back and they laughed
    And they all liked her comment 'cause they're wack and I'm mad
    Is this considered abuse? Yeah you'd be pissed at her too
    'Cause now her list to do's is just pictures of dudes
    I wanted her to make friends but she's about to seduce
    My homeboys with a mixture of vodka and prune juice

    Grandma's got a Facebook, now she's hitting on my friends
    Don't care how it started, but now it's got to end
    Help me stay connected to my uncles and my aunts
    But I also know she's been in my best friend's pants

    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Gr-Gr-Grandma Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma

    I checked my Facebook daily
    I get a friend request from this old-ass lady
    I know it's your grandma, but I ain't gonna lie
    She's rocking that mumu, and looking all fly

    I want to smack your grandma on her wrinkly ass
    Wrinkly ass, wrinkly ass
    I want to smack your grandma on her wrinkly ass
    Wrinkly ass, wrinkly ass

    Butterscotch my balls
    Me and your grandma sharing a sponge bath
    I want to put my hands in your grandma's candy dish

    Grandma's got a Facebook, now she's hitting on my friends
    Don't care how it started, but now it's got to end
    Help me stay connected to my uncles and my aunts
    But I also know she's been in my best friend's pants

    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Gr-Gr-Grandma Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma
    Grandma, Grandma

    Scary Wallpaper[edit | edit source]

    I don't keep up with memes at all these days so idk

    have this

    Grr I hate meme.jpg


    ZeedMillenniummon89[edit | edit source]

    • S Tier: MLG, Moon Man, Lanky Kong, Shrek, Expand Dong, Cory in the House, Virgin vs Chad, EA, Gamer Joker
    • A Tier: Pepe the Frog, Chicken Tendies, Naked Banana, Virgin vs Chad, Navy Seal Copypasta, Twitch raids
    • B Tier: I Sleep/Real Shit, Expanding Brain, Hey 🅱eter, Fake History, Connect Four, YTP
    • C Tier: Steamed Hams, You Know I Had to Do It to Em, Gru's Plan, Change My Mind, Bee Movie Script, How to talk to Short People
    • D Tier: The Dress, Damn Daniel, Deez Nuts, Pickle Rick, The Nutshack
    • F Tier: Tide Pods, Ugandan Knuckles, Rage comics, Impact font memes

    Alefikouhi[edit | edit source]

    • THE HIGHEST TIER: Most Touhou memes, Steamed Hams, every LazyTown meme
    • S Tier: Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Peter Hurts His Knee, CDi Memes, Delet This, Yosh, Kirb, Zoombear, Stickfab's H, Trumpet Boy, Bart Hits Homer With A Chair
    • A Tier: Spiderman 2 Pizza Theme, Bambi PS2 Copypasta, Waluigi Memes, Bongo Cat, Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, Somebody Toucha My Spaghet, Savage Babies, Gru's Plan, most SiIvaGunner memes, Patrick Hates This Channel, Yakko's World, Use Incognito Mode, Fukouna Shoujo 03, Yee, You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood, Retweet If You Can Hear This Image, Guys Literally Only Want One Thing, Why Weren't You At Elf Practice, This Is America, IWITMACIH, Wrong Door, I Am Going To Open This Door, Wario Calls People
    • B: Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Globglogabgalab, Burger King Foot Lettuce, Virgin vs. Chad, Ideal GF, Protogent, Flipnote Hatena Memes (mainly Chicken Wing), Portrayed By SpongeBob, Drops By Squidward's House, S Stands For, Hungry Pumkin, Earth-Chan, Sparta Remixes, Baby Moana, Knuckles Sings, Inkling Girl's Eye, Pingas, Nyan Cat, Navy Seals Copypasta, All Star Memes, Oof (Super Mario 64), Skidaddle Skidoodle, Charlie Bit My Finger, Apyr, Bup, Marcianito, DK Rap
    • C: Guile's Theme Goes With Everything, Space Jam, Every Undertale meme, Howard the Alien, Woah, MLG, D se Dab, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, & Knuckles, Grumpy Cat, Deep Fried Memes, Expanding Brain, YTPs, Top 10 Anime X, (Non-anime thing) is the best anime, Epic Face, Trollface, Intentionally bad 3D animations, TBFYHTHARHIQTUR&M, Nutshack, Mocking SpongeBob, Surreal Memes, Big Ben Chimes For The Last Time, Tanasinn, B Emoji Memes, YHBBFTMMCFIB, Mammy, T-Pose
    • D: Every Despacito-related meme, Shooting Stars, Snapchat Hot Dog, Pickle Rick, Doge, Santiago, The Dress, Oof (Roblox), Motu Patlu Memes, Fsjal, 1 2 Oatmeal
    • F: Loss, Fortnite Memes, Momo, Fidget Spinners, Tide Pods, Logan Paul, My Name Is Jeff, Rage Comics, Pepe The Frog, 9+10=21, Facebook Minion Memes, Walmart Yodel Boy, Nico Nico Nii, Deez Nuts, those generic SpongeBob memes which are screenshots from the same episode as Savage Patrick (literally), IYPPIFAAYODC, Dame Tu Cosita, Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae, Disappointed Kong, It's Time To Stop, "Wholesome" Memes, Bowsette, Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket, most DDLC memes, most BBIEAL memes.
    • STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY FAMILY Tier: Hi I'm Daisy, Ugandan Knuckles, Guido, 9/11 Memes...oh god...the banes of my existence...

    Insecurity97[edit | edit source]

    • 𝓤 𝓛 𝓣 𝓘 𝓜 𝓐 𝓣 𝓔 𝓖 𝓞 𝓓 𝓗 𝓞 𝓞 𝓓 - Andrew Rannells, 🅱️ Emoji, virtually any SpongeBob meme, Sagwa memes/Faster Dongwa, Garfielf, Mfw/OH X WHY, Hey Beter, Pamtri, You Know I Had to Do It to Em
    • S Tier - Bottom Text, Pickle Rick, Is This a Pigeon?, E, Jimmy Neutron memes, Deep fried memes, Yodeling Kid, Pepe the Frog, 7 GRAND DAD, Shrek, Top 10 Anime X, CalArts, Shit Was So Cash, Big Smoke, Chris Hansen, Unregistered Hypercam 2, Why the Fuck You Crying So Damn Loud
    • A Tier - Roblox memes, T-Pose, Connect Four, Club Penguin, There is No Queen of England, Delet This, Gru's Plan, Burger King Foot Lettuce, Despacito
    • B Tier - Oh Worm, To Be Continued, Barnyard memes, Navy Seal Copypasta, T-Posing, OwO What's This?
    • C Tier - Change My Mind, Loss, Karma is a Bitch, Ur Mom Gay
    • D Tier - Shooting Stars
    • F Tier - My Name is Jeff, Harambe, Wholesome Memes, Undertale, Damn Daniel, 9 + 10 = 21
    • Special 9th Ring of Hell - Doki Doki Literature Club, LazyTown, Owl Turd Comix, Doge, Nico Nico Nii, Rage Comics, Ugandan Knuckles, It's Time to Stop

    PizzaPizzaYumYum[edit | edit source]

    OG LOC BOI.png
    This page belongs to Xian, please do not edit unless you are commenting, or if he allows you. OG Loc will spit some fire >:)
    • Fire like Lil Loaded Tier -👌 emoji, r/LodedDiper (DOAWK Memes), YouTube Rewind but it's actually good, PewDiePie, Minecraft 10th Anniversary, FlyingKitty, Poofesure, Big Smoke's Order, big eye crying laughing emoji, FUCK YOU WHORE WE LIKE FORTNITE!, Henry Stickmin Distraction, Among Us
    • A Tier - Crab Rave (Obama is Gone), 🅱️ Emoji, Windows XP Error, Gamecude Intro, sbubby, F in the chat, DK Rap, Robert it goes down, Wii Music, A man has fallen into a river in Lego City, crying laughing emoji, Zerotwo.
    • B Tier - OOF. 800-588-2300 Empire Today, Doge. Grumpy Cat, WatchMojo memes, Shooting stars, Mom's spaghetti, go commit die, Megalovania, FBI open up, Pussy taste like Skittles line, I still see your shadows in my room, Rage comics, T Pose, ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, Hey Shitass.
    • C Tier - Somebody Toucha My Spaget, Shrek, MLG, I Sleep/Real Shit, Expanding Brain, WHY WEREN'T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE, Pickle Rick, Ninja has ligma, Change da world, I am speed, Nestle Crunch, HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA, Nobody:.
    • D Tier - MLG, Hitler did nothing wrong, 9 + 10 = 21, Bruh Sound Effect, Raining Tacos, Burger King Foot Lettuce, Sanic, Baka Mitai (Dame Da Nae)
    • F Tier - Damn Daniel, Hit or Miss Girl, Deez Nuts, 10 hour vids, Oh shit a rat, Hi i'm daisy! Dabbing
    • Trash like Submarine Man Tier - Anything that has to do with Fortnite or 9/11, Fidget Spinners, Yo Mama Jokes, 2 Girls 1 Cup, PPAP, Mia Khalifa (song), Momo, Dabbing, World record Egg.

    Travjt[edit | edit source]

    • S Tier- TVFilthyFrank, Stereo Love [REDACTED], Pufferfish Carrot, Ricardo Milos, Bag Duy, Eekum Bokum, NomNomNom, Crazy Hamburger, I like your cut g, Dancing Cow (except the song that goes with it), hey sh/t/ss, My little pogchamp
    • A- Moto Moto, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Joe Mama, Gmoned,
    • B- U Was At Da Club, Freddie Mercury AMV, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,
    • C- Robert B. Weide, Crystal Dolphin, Crash Bandicoot Woah,
    • D- Revenge, PPAP, Shooting Stars.
    • F- Piggy ships,

    A ZU NA Land[edit | edit source]

    The offensive memes go without saying so this is just the normal ones

    • S - Eizouken, Snow halation, Yoshi commits tax fraud
    • A - My Immortal, All of Wattpad, There is no Dana, Hey there demons, Who put you on the planet, Are ya codin son
    • B - Steamed Hams, Sailor Moon Redraw, Gnomed, Umi Poker Face, Rickroll, This is what Einstein was listening to before he wrote the Bible
    • C - TikTok POV, 🅱eter, Revenge, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Harambe, Windows XP sounds
    • D - E-girls, Roblox hellspawns saying things memes, Raymond, VSCO girls
    • F - Ugandan Knuckles, R-18 Gacha Life, Safespace and Snowflake, Nico Nico Nii, Incels, thots and simps

    HPfan2019[edit | edit source]

    Let me describe my tiers:

    • YES! THIS IS THE BEST - Memes that are the most fucking funny I’ve ever seen.
    • YEET! - Memes that are so funny.
    • FUCK YEAH! - Memes that are funny.
    • Still good, bro - Memes that are still funny.
    • Um... okay - Memes that are okay.
    • Not bad - Memes that are not so annoying but not bad.
    • THIS ANNOYS ME! - Memes that annoys me
    • THIS ANNOYS ME FUCKING A LOT! - Memes that annoys me fucking a lot.
    • Shouldn’t existed - Memes that are offensive.

    Okay, let’s start right now.

    • YES! THIS IS THE BEST - That’s why I love Nestle Crunch.
    • YEET! - Creeper, aw man!, The sun is a deadly lazer.
    • FUCK YEAH! - Mom’s spaghetti
    • Still good, bro - Crab Rave
    • Um... okay - OOF
    • Not bad - Rickroll
    • THIS ANNOYS ME - 10+9=21
    • THIS ANNOYS ME FUCKING A LOT! - Damn Daniel!
    • Shouldn’t existed - There are autism memes, suicide challenges, diseases memes, 9/11 memes, Tide pods and more.

    Bowser & Jr.[edit | edit source]

    Meme: Approved.

    Nothingtosee1[edit | edit source]

    ice cream teir- give's you brain freeze

    s teir- gumball watterson vote for president.

    ohnsappies[edit | edit source]

    • SS tier:Revenge, rickroll,Stickbugged lol,you got beaned,You just got gnomed, distraction dance memes, among us memes, UNDERSTANDABLE, HAVE A GREAT DAY most of minecraft memes, FlyingKitty's YTP's, shooting stars, shrek memes, there are no accidents, H, Crab rave,Windows XP memes,Lazy town memes, Flex tape memes, STONKS, all star,SPOOKTOBER, I like ya cut G
    • S tier:Simp memes, Baka mitai, somebody toucha my sphaget, deep fried memes, Spongebob memes, Always has been, here, have a choccy milk, cuz ur awesome, are ya winning, son?, YTP's, ASDF movie memes, why are you must hurt me in this way,I'll take your entire stock, Bruh,Reddit moment, Sonic memes,Aw shit, here we go again, oh no anyway, blinking white man,E

    *A tier:FBI open up,Madagascar penguins memes, non- offensive communist memes,merrygoat and grandayy's gamecube memes, Crazy hamburger, Ricardo Milos, Laughing old man,J. Jonah Jameson's laugh, Raid Shadow legends memes, ÆUGH!, Finally, inner peace,congratilations you played yourself,but i wanna die

    B tier: Trump memes, Biden Memes, Wholesome 100 memes, "WHAT? HOW?",The sun is a deadly laser, but why; why would you do that, Chad vs.,no this isn't how you supposed to play the game,OOF, congratilations, but i wanna live, Drake format

    C tier:Pickle rick memes, OK boomer, Change my mind, that is a good wisdom, anime memes, star wars memes, Gamecube memes in general, creative American cup song with gun memes, undertale memes in general, WOW, bitch lasagna, damn daniel,

    D tier:MLG, It's raining tacos, Xia xia piao piao, Yo mama memes, rick and morty memes, Pewdiepie vs T-series, Pewdiepie vs. cocomelon

    'F tier:Racist memes, Non creative american cup song memes, momo memes, autism memes, suicide challenges, doggo

    Hell V.I.P.: 9/11

    TallAutism2006[edit | edit source]

    • S tier: Bluey memes, meme man memes, Minecraft memes, Among us memes, bad flute/recorder covers, Rickroll, get stick bugged lol, you have been distracted, YTP, 69, 420, Penis Music, Vines (all of them), Mayonnaise on an Escalator, Michael Bay memes (that have explosions in them), kick the baby, deep fried memes, be like/in a nutshell, emotional damage.
    • A tier: Cave Update memes (after announcement), Juan, Wait, it's all Ohio?, Why are you gay?, Uganda Knuckles, Sanic, Doge, understandable, have a great day, the Sun is a deadly lazer, MLG, Amogus, You're going to Brazil, deadly axolotl bug, Pickle Rick, mocking SpongeBob, is mayonnaise an instrument?, yeet, WTF- BOOM, Super Idol de xiao rung, earrape memes, evil [X] be like.
    • B tier: And I took that personally, noted, Obama giving medal to Obama, oof.
    • C tier: Ya mum gay!, Ha. Gaaayyyyyyyyy!, social credit memes, John Xina.
    • D tier: We are not the same.
    • F tier: [X] bad [X] Good memes, offensive memes, Hitler did nothing wrong, racist memes, memes that treat real-life disasters as jokes, pornographic memes, memes about committing crimes.

    Joltikplays:[edit | edit source]

    You’re on thin ice, young one
    This page (or the section of this page) was created by Tyler. Do not edit without his permission or you will be on thin ice


    Key[edit | edit source]

    • S: My Personal Favorite memes
    • A: Memes I love
    • B: Memes I like
    • C: Memes I don’t care about
    • D: Memes I don’t like
    • F: Memes I hate
    • Shadow Realm: Worst of the worst memes (mostly NSFW and racist memes)

    Teh list[edit | edit source]

    • S: Dead memes from 2018, YTP, Oh No Our Table Its Broken, 21st century humor, Quandale Dingle, Speed vs Ben, Hog Rider, NextBots
    • A: What?, All endings, Meme Man, Doge, 🅱️, Expand Dong, Google Ngram Viewer, This Pic Goes So Hard Feel Free To Screenshot, Jeb Screaming Noooooo, Bruce It’s Been 5 years, Chips Ahoy Ads, What Da Dog Doin, Characters Eating Lemons And Dying, YouTube Kids Be Like, Garflief, Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny, Guys look a birdie, Morbius, How long could you survive without..., Kid Named Finger, We Have Come For Your Nectar/Wondertart, #Gentleminions, Mom Counts To 0, 🤓, Amogus, Dr. Livesey Walking (The song is an absolute banger)
    • B: Somebody toucha my sphaghet, Creeper Aw Man, Duolingo, Polish cow Memes, Juan The Horse, The Sun Is A Deadly Laser, MLG, Fred Flintstone Dies, Snotty Boy Glow Up, Chinese Social Credit, The Rock Eyebrow Raise, Angelic Yields, Top 500 Cheese, This is where I watched my parents die PaRappa, Skeletor Sharing Disturbing Facts, Ok I Pull Up, I Forgor, Sheesh, Hamburger Cheeseburger Big Mac Whopper, Trade Offer, Mmmm Cow, Chug Jug With You, Spunch Bob, Wanna Buy A Box Of Thin Mints, Hey Shitass, Bobux, SpongeBob SpongeBob Patrick Patrick song, Ugly Sonic, Bornana, Mug Root Beer, Breakdancing Sims Cat, Thor CGI Head, YOU IS A, Beast Boy Holding Up 4 Fingers, It’s a Suprise Tool That Can Help Us Later, Among Us memes, Carson-Dellosa Artstyle
    • C: GrubHub Ad, Pickle Rick, Drake Meme Format, Optimum Pride, Mr. Krabs Says Money then dies, Think Mark, Luigi sells sea shells, DaBaby, Fake Anti-Piracy Screens, Jaiden Club Penguin Dance, Skeletons staring, Graggle Simpson, Chinese monkeys singing, Pink Sauce, Just Choose A Spaghetti Sauce, Squidward Kicks Everyone Out, Ultra Instinct
    • D: Wake up, NFT Screenshots, Portal Radio 10 hour loop, Lebron James Water Balloon, MordeTwi, Candice, I used to roll the dice, $19 Fortnite Card, Discord Mods, Don’t pee on the floor use the Commodore, PNGTubers, hi my name is Carmen Winstead, When You Walk Outside And Smell That Zaza🍃, Bitcoin
    • F: Belle Delphine, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong, Momo, E-Girls, Zamn!, Trollge, NSFW Speedrun, Aunt Cass Finds Your Browser History, Mime and Dash, Sus bowling animation, Clussy
    • *Shadow Realm: Devious Licks, Racist Memes, 9/11 Jokes, NSFW Memes, Ankha Zone, SpongeBob Doxxing Your IP Address, Monkey holding box

    Raichu's Endless Nights[edit | edit source]

    see here

    OofOofOofLolBruh[edit | edit source]

    John Xina bing chilling.png
    🍦🍦 现在我有冰激淋 我很喜欢冰激淋 🍦🍦

    This page or section belongs to OofOofOofLolBruh, do not edit without my permission except for fixing typos and grammar. Or else you will lose your social credits.

    • Truly Based - Super Idol, Social Credit, Among Us memes, Penis Music, gigachad, Pop Cat, Goku Drip, ใจเกเร, John Xina, Beans
    • A Tier - Yakko's World, Trollface, Mom am I adopted?, This is Sparta!, Average Fan vs Average Enjoyer, Mr. Incredible Becoming..., เฉาก๊วยชากังราว, กระทะโคเรียคิง, Deez Nuts, Vibing Cat, Shot on iPhone, Thank God for my reefer, omae wa mou shindeiru
    • B Tier - Dame Da Ne, But If You Close Your Eyes, Bobux, Coffin Dance, Always have been-, IndiHome, Xue hua piao piao, YEE!, Buttercup, get stickbugged lol, E, Ladies and Gentlemen... We got him, Deus Vult, 64 bits 32 bits 16 bits 8 bits, Change Da World... My Final Message, creeper aww man, Minecraft memes, Ratio, Disappointed Cricket Fan
    • C Tier - Rickrolling, DaBaby, PPAP, damn daniel, จน เครียด กินเหล้า, I like ya Cut G, Return to Monke, Speedrun, My little Pogchamp, FBI open up, ur mom jokes, Deez Nuts, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
    • D Tier - Grubhub, Polish Cow, Dabbing, Chips Ahoy Ad, American cup Song, Pepe the Frog, Facebook Minion memes, He Man, Globglogabgalab, Anything related to Gacha, Fortnite memes, Wide Putin, Woman Yelling at a Cat
    • STAY AWAY FROM ME AAAAAAA!!!!! - Hitler did Nothing Wrong, Jokes related to 9/11, Jokes related to Diseases and Pandemics, Momo Challenge, Jokes related to Genocides, Tide Pod Challenge, Jokes related to Racism, Jokes related to Murders and Mass Shootings, Jokes related to People with Disabilities, Dream Stans

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    Le epic Petre!!
    -- Bruh Funny (talk) 23:56, 17 October 2021 (UTC)

    I like Peter
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 01:18, 18 October 2021 (UTC)

    pls don't make me actually fill mine in i'm meme illiterate
    -- Raichu's Endless Nights (talk) 05:40, 18 October 2021 (UTC)

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