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    Zander Speed (born January 1, 1988) is a Randomese professional racing driver. He competes full time in RARCAR driving the 88 red car advertising the We Top Pizzas With Pizza restaurant.

    Zander and his brothers Zayne and Zackary started competing in the RARCAR Genesis Series in 2003 at just the age of 15, in early 2004, it was announced that all of the Speed brothers would compete in the Cup series for the 2004 season, Zander won the 2005 Small Ride 100, making him the youngest RARCAR cup driver to win a race. Zander also won the 2011 and 2021 Fried Chicken 500 and became the champion of the two seasons.

    Zander's dad Zion also competed from 1978 to 1985 until his career ending crash.

    Early life[edit | edit source]

    Zander, along with his twin brother Zackary were born in Hot Beach, Random Region on New Years day. His younger brother Zayne was born on February 18, 1989.

    Zander and his brothers started racing with go-karts made by their father at eight years old, where they would constantly take them for rides inside a local shopping mall. After Zayne accidentally broke glass from a store the go-karts were taken away.

    Their father would make new go-karts, only this time made for asphalt, they would go around their neighborhood and have fierce races.

    When Zander and his mom were shopping at a Walmart, Zander found a book filled with photos from RARCAR races, Zander took the book home and showed it to his brothers. After his father found out, he was happy and explained to his sons that he was actually a competitor back in the day, and showed old videos of him racing taken by his wife. Zion also explained that RARCAR was very dangerous at the time, and he ended his career after his car caught on fire, where he was trapped for 5 minutes, but this didn't matter to the Speed brothers, as they just wanted to race in RARCAR.

    In 2005, Zander along with his brother Zackary graduated a year early with honors from Hot Beach High School in Hot Beach, Lerand to focus on their driving careers.

    RARCAR career[edit | edit source]

    2003-2004: Early RARCAR career[edit | edit source]

    Zander along with his brother started racing in the RARCAR Genesis Series at the age of 15, in it, he won 2 races, had 12 top fives, and 4 top tens. After Zayne was the last one to win a race, Zander and his brothers briefly joined the Subordinate series, but later joined the Cup series since they didn't think it was intense enough.

    Zander and his brothers made their Cup series debut in the 2004 Awesomeness 400 race, where he had a gray number 8 car with no sponser. Zander had a fairly good position, but crashed in the 98th lap, his brothers finished 17th and 21st. Zander's best finish in the season was the Cavity 200 where he finished 7th. At the end of the season, Zander finished 14th in standings.

    2005: First win[edit | edit source]

    This season saw Zander with a sponsor for the first time, driving the No. 88, advertising We Top Pizzas With Pizza.

    Zander started 14th in the 2005 Fried Chicken 500, he finished 10th, which was a fairly good position for the start of the season.

    In the Small Ride 100 race, Zander started 9th, the best start position at the time of his early career. On lap 97, a big crash occurred in the front of the pack in which most of the field was collected, Zander was able to barely avoid the crash which put him in first. Zander leaded the pack for the last few laps and won his first race in his RARCAR career.

    Zander did not win any further races but was still happy about his one win, his best finish other than the win was a 3rd in the Spicy Chicken 250, he finished 9th in standings.

    2006: First pole position[edit | edit source]

    Zander did not compete in the 2006 Fried Chicken 500, as he crashed both of his backup and main car during qualifying and practice.

    Zander won the pole position for the Super Sircle Ride, he was the second youngest person to win a RARCAR pole position, behind Jacob Melvin II, who won the pole position for the 1979 Awesomeness 400 at age 17. Zander finished 5th.

    Zander also won the Racin' at the Beach race and the Reverse Ride 100, where he finished 6th in the standings.

    2007: Breakout season[edit | edit source]

    Zander started off by placing 3rd in his 4th Fried Chicken 500. He was able to avoid multiple crashes and obstacles, and the only time he went to pit road was when dirt blocked his view, his 3rd place position put him in a very good spot in the standings.

    Seven races later, Zander started 2nd in the Swag Ride 420 race, at first it was quite a rough race, only being in second and falling back to third, however, after Zander's brother Zackary made his way to fourth, the two worked together and were able to get Zander's first win of the season.

    He then shortly after won the Battery Potato 350. Although Zander did not win any races for a while, he was able to finish in the top ten and top five everytime, gaining well over 800 points in the standings.

    Zander then went on to win the Real Racing at Red Town race and the Crispy Chicken 500, this had been Zander's best season yet, gaining 4 wins, 14 top fives, and 23 top tens, he finished 3rd in standings.

    2021: Champion season[edit | edit source]

    Zander's brother and teammate, Zackary, won the pole position for the 2021 Fried Chicken 500. Zackary would led until on lap 187, he lost control of his car and impacted the wall, which would put Zander in second, battling for first with Easley P. White, thanks to a last second pass on the final lap, Zander would win his second Fried Chicken 500.

    Comments[edit | edit source]

    I love how detailed these driver pages are. Excellent work!
    -- Scary Wallpaper, the Wallpaper (talk) 02:22, 16 September 2021 (UTC)

    Ty TS!
    -- Trip At Knight ♞ (talk) 02:56, 16 September 2021 (UTC)

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